End of the Year Gifts

There are so many great ideas out there for end of the year gifts! I wanted to give my students a little piece of the classroom in our black and bright theme to take along with them and something from the heart. In addition to giving them their pizza box keepsake projects, I am making my students each a little word cloud in a frame with special character traits I have observed in each of them.

I purchased a set of wedding table seating frames from the Dollar Tree. It was hard to find a class set of larger frames that all matched and I was very impressed with the nice quality of these tiny frames! Smaller frames means that this saved on ink as well.

I thought the kiddos could keep them on their dresser or night stand. They seem to like little things so I hope they will love them! I am pretty sure the parents will!

You can find the template I used in Powerpoint here. You can edit all of it and change up the fonts too for more of a subway art look, if this is something you might like to try!

I will pair up the frame with some Smarties candies for a crowd pleaser! 
I created this sign to staple to the top of the gift baggie. I plan to copy it on bright papers.
 You can download an editable copy from my Dropbox here.

My room parents have been so helpful this year. I bought them each a bangle bracelet from Alex and Ani. We have a shop at our local outdoor mall, so these are all the rage right now. I picked the one that symbolizes community. This is my newest obsession too and ironically, I spent the gift card they gave me on my own collection!

If you are looking for more super cute and easy end of the year ideas either for your last days or to save for the next time around, you can check some of them out on my Pinterest board!

Follow Creative Lesson Cafe's board End of the Year on Pinterest.

Just one full day and two half days left with my kiddos.
 We have lots of fun planned for our last days! 
I'll be back to share it with you! 


  1. I love your frames! Those are worth treasuring!

    One of the other teachers recently got me into Alex and Ani. It is addicting for sure!

    I hope your last few days go smoothly!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  2. Thank you Jenny! The finished frames did turn out cute and they were really pretty easy.

    I decided to go with a mix of silver and gold for my new bracelets. I get so many compliments on them. I can spend money on these, feeling a little less guilty, while knowing I am also helping charities.

    So far the last few days have been awesome! I cannot believe how fast this year went~ faster than other years. Tomorrow, the last day, will be bittersweet for sure!


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