Saturday, October 25, 2014

Weekend Warriors: October Organization Tips and a Freebie!

Happy Saturday everyone! Don't you just love it when the weekend rolls around? I do too especially when it's time to link up with my teacher friends, the Weekend Warriors! This month, we are here to share some ideas for organization.

 The one thing that really saves my sanity with my own organization is when I am not distracted by my students being unorganized! 

How many times have you heard this? 
When we are ready to get started on something that involves the students taking out a supply of some kind, I like them to be able to do so quickly and quietly, so we can get the show on the road. Things falling out of desks, supplies getting lost, folders getting ripped and mangled and paper/snack wrapper stuffing are a few frustrations we can all do without. I hope these tips can help your class be more organized!

Spending some time to teach the class to do these two simple things may help those of you who have an issue with desk-cluttering, pencil- fumbling students! 

Because we have desks, not tables, I require that my students keep one, what we call a READY PENCIL, in the side of their desk. The eraser side needs to be showing out and the pencil pushed in against the edge of the desk. That way it won't roll out. When it is time to take out our most frequently used supply, we just grab it out from the corner. It does not involve dragging out the entire noisy pencil box. This one simple trick has saved so much time!

Notice that the books, folders and notebooks above are all nicely stacked. This too was taught and reinforced daily for the first month of school. We divide our desk into two sections. The opposite side is for all other supplies like crayons, glue and pencil boxes.

The students have done a great job keeping their desks tidy without reminders. They still look the same after nearly two months in school. All because we took that extra time to think about and practice organization. I hope they carry these tricks with them through the grades.

To encourage neatness and organization, consider having the desk fairy visit and reward students with a special treat on (or in) their desk!

 I just had to use these cute little fairies from my friend Jen over at Teaching in the Tongass!
 You can grab a copy of the desk fairy notes {here} if you like!

If you have a great idea for organizing, we'd love to hear from you in the comments section.

If you enjoy our monthly tips and tricks, a great way you can keep in touch with the Weekend Warriors is through our Pinterest Board!

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This is a great place to come together and share ideas!
 If you have a great tip for organizing, we'd love to hear from you in the comments section. 

Then, be sure to hop on over to see the fabulous ideas the rest of the Warriors have shared!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Five for Friday~ October Projects and Fun!

TGIF friends! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for a Five for Friday peek at one fun-filled pre-Halloween week!

It wouldn't be the week before Halloween without a whole lot of crafting going on to decorate the room! It was a week of pre-holiday fun, with a whole lot of learning going on, although it doesn't look like it!

1.) Our pumpkin pals turned out oh so cute! We made life cycle booklets to go along with our craft but decided they would be too heavy for the cupboards. Everything falls down in my room. We will add them later. 

 2.) These silly bats from A Cupcake for the Teacher are so easy and lots of fun. We added a little sparkle with purple and green glitter on the wings. The class has been working on a big nonfiction unit on bats and we will continue it for the next few weeks. We have a field trip to the Bat Zone to see live rescued bats and learn more from the experts! 

3.) We've been working on Stellaluna for our genre unit on fantasy all week! The kiddos really enjoyed showing off their fluency as they read to kindergarten buddies today! We also watched a read along video.

4.) This Monster Madness Craftivity was a big hit with the class. 
The kiddos were so creative with their  stories! 
This child wrote that his monster uses echolocation! 
Afterward, for Fun Friday, we started watching Monsters Inc. It's a favorite of mine!

5.) Our school is really getting in the spirit! It is a tradition for classrooms to BOO each other by leaving treats. I surprised another class with a few bags of Halloween Oreos, some fall window clings and some owl stickers inside a sparkly witch hat!
The building is all decorated for our big parade on Friday. 
There are quite a few of these cute dolls set up in our entrance way and other super decorations throughout the halls. 

 Fun stuff!

Thanks for stopping by for a little peek at my week!

Be sure to head over to Doodle Bugs to see who else has joined in the linky!

I'll be back tomorrow with my Weekend Warriors friends for our October theme.
 Please stop back for some great tips!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

BAM! It's Freebie Time at Primary Powers!

Have you heard the news? I've joined forces with some PRIMARY POWERS at a brand new blog! Each day this month you can grab a super freebie for your class! 

Today, I have two fun math activities to share with you!

Fly on over to Primary Powers for your copy!

Have a SUPER start to your week!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sweet and Simple Science! Gummy Bears Experiment

Happy Sweetest Day friends! Since I am thinking about sweets... I thought I'd share a sweet little lesson from last week. What better time to do activities having to do with candy than in the month of October? We decided to do some simple science with gummy bears!
The question was asked..
 What will happen when we place a gummy bear in a cup of water overnight?

All you need for this experiment is a package of Haribo brand Gummy Bears, some water and small cups. How easy is that? 

These containers from Target were the perfect size. 

So before we plopped the gummy bears in our cups of water, the students made all kinds of great predictions (they are learning the word hypothesis... but haven't been able to say it without a lisp yet)!

Many thought it would melt, so we clarified the difference between melting and dissolving. Others thought it would get slimy. A few predicted it would change color. One student had done this before and she was sworn to secrecy

But no one predicted what would actually happen!

Our bear turned into a mini Jello mold!

As we conducted the experiment, the students recorded the steps of the scientific method. They drew pictures of their observations and listed the steps to the experiment. 

You can grab a copy of this lab sheet here if you think you may want to try this with your class. 

My blossoming scientists were so excited to see their gummy bears and make more observations the next day.

A great variation on this experiment would be to try out different liquids to see what the results would be. You might also repeat it with a different brand of gummy bears to see if all gummies are created equally!

I hope you got some sweet inspiration here today. 
This was a fun and easy way to practice the scientific method.
Maybe give it a try some time!

 I will be back here again tomorrow morning.
Please join me!
 I've got a few SURPRISES in the works for you!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Primary Powers! An exciting NEW Adventure and INCREDIBLE Giveaway!

SUPER TEACHERS UNITE! I am so excited to share with you a brand new action-packed adventure I am joining in with some of the most INCREDIBLE teacher bloggers I know! 

Together we are... The PRIMARY POWERS!

How did you guess it was a superhero theme? :) 

So my fellow Super Teacher friends, you must head over faster than a speeding bullet to check out the SUPER giveaway we are having to POWER UP our new blog! 

Wait until you see what you can win! 
Who likes to shop?


Can you believe it?
Click on any of the images above to ZOOM on over to enter!

But that's not all...

The news gets even better because we are celebrating the launch of Primary Powers with an exclusive deal with Educents!

This is an enormous bundle at a huge discount friends!
 It will be in my cart for sure!

This looks familiar, huh?
My Comprehension Companion is included too!
 You can use it all year round!

 You can see more of the awesome POWER of the SUPER bundle at Educents here!

Remember to ZOOM on over to check out the cute new blog, the giveaway and to meet the rest of the Primary Powers gals! 
Be sure to tell all of your friends! 
Pin it, post it, Like know what to do!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

AHHHH! Ha Ha! Halloween party treats!

Oh my goodness! These are hilarious and SO cute! Have you seen them? I just had to post this picture here to show you! I've been searching Pinterest for new ideas for party treats and gifts for coworkers and the kiddos. If you are planning a party or looking for some yummies for your own child to pass out to classmates, you might like these too! They are good for a laugh either way!

We usually serve up cider and donuts at our classroom party, so this will definitely work!
I spotted bags full of fangs at Target the other day for three dollars and I'm going back for them. 
I'm pretty sure you can pick up the candy eyes at Michael's or Target in the aisle with the baking stuff.

By the way, congratulations go out to Sarah, the winner of the Starbucks and winner's choice giveaway! 
Thanks everyone for playing along.
 I loved reading all of your delicious comments. It was lots of fun!
 Thanks to you, I tried the Salted Caramel Mocha which is divine. 
Next on my list to sample is the Chai Tea Latte.

Hey friends, you HAVE to come back and see me tomorrow for a really EXCITING announcement!
No, it's probably not what you think! 
So, stop by to find out the latest!
Have a great night!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Savings and a Giveaway Reminder

Today I'm linking up with All Things Apple in 2nd for some Sunday Savings on some of my kiddo's favorite reading and writing activities for the month of October!

These two items are on sale for one day only!
 You can grab them together for just 4 dollars! :)

In case you missed it, remember to hurry on over to enter the Cafe giveaway for the Starbucks gift card and winner's choice items from my Kidsrcute store! 

Try to head on over to All Things Apple and see who else is having a sale today!

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