Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sing and Learn~ Science Songs for Kids!

I try to incorporate music in the classroom as much as possible. It makes my heart happy and creates a fun, positive classroom environment. We listen as we work, we sing along to learn and get up and boogie down for brain breaks! 

Today the kids rocked out this Going Green Song!

What is really great is that there are also free printable lyrics, so you can work in a reading activity as well!

I even have parents write and ask where to purchase the songs because the kids are just singing away at home too! I love that!

If you are looking for some groovy science songs to download on a variety of topics, you may want to check out Have Fun Teaching! You can listen to the whole song before purchase.

Make it stick! SING!

How do you use music in the classroom?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Great Earth Day Classroom Projects

How did Earth Day sneak up so quickly? In case you missed my previous posts, I wanted to share a blast or two from the past of a few of my all time favorite activities from my days teaching strictly science to K-5 students! April is Earth MONTH, so there is still time to get a project going!

Have you ever planted grass heads? These are some cute ones on yogurt cups! I usually asked my class to bring in a brightly colored sock. We stuffed them with soil and seed, cut the tops off and added buttons for eyes.

Here's a tutorial

Making pretty recycled, pressed paper is another one of my favorite Earth Day activities!
Making your own paper can be lots of fun, and it's a great way to teach the concept of recycling!
Here are directions for making your own paper.

In the past, I have made large, square-shaped papers and attached a Mother's Day poem. Then, we placed it inside a frame for the students to present as a gift. 

How about starting an earthworm compost bin this month?
 Maybe you have a school garden that you could use it for.
The key ingredients are worms, soil, egg shells and coffee grounds. Surprisingly, it never smells like anything but coffee. The kids used to save a tiny scrap from their lunch to throw in each day (no meat). This one is decorated so cute!

You might also like this cute little freebie poem for Earth Day!

 Here is some interesting food for thought from an exhibit I visited over spring break:

I'm going to start! 
Let's make every day Earth Day! How do you try to go green?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Second Grade Collaborative Board~ Pin with Me!

Hello Second Grade Teacher Friends! I'd love to have you come join me on Pinterest as contributors in a super sweet new collaborative board just for second grade sweetness! Pin your Common Core products, projects, videos, blog photos and more! It will be the perfect place for visitors to find all sorts of creative second grade stuff for their classroom! 

Click on the picture to see the new board!
 I hope to have it fill up very quickly!

Graphics by Pink Cat Studio         Fonts by Kimberly Geswein

If you want in on the fun, just email me and I'll add you!
Look for a notification from Pinterest. Just hit ACCEPT and you can start Pinning away!
 It's that easy!
I'll be posting members' links here too so be sure to share! :) 
Feel free to use the image with credits!

Sara from Framptons FUNdamentals
Erin from Once Upon a Classroom
Arisbeth from Sailing Into Second
Lisa from PAWSitively Teaching

Have a super sweet day!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Food Fractions, Jelly Beans, and Easter Fun! Five For Friday

This is a very good Good Friday! It's a day off and a chance to catch you up on a fun-filled week with a Five for Friday linky with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

This week was full of fun food fractions and Easter activities!

1.) The kiddos were so sweet and many came in bearing gifts for me! One cutie pie made this bunny filled with goodies using a TP tube, scrapbook paper, a glittery pom and some jewels for eyes!
 I am filing this idea away on Pinterest for a classroom craft for next year!

2.) We wrapped up our fractions with a food theme unit this week! I love using the pieces from this Pizza Fractions Fun game as teaching tools. They look good enough to eat!

We also played a round of Scoot with these Food Fractions Task Cards. The class LOVED it! 
They can't wait to do it again!

3.) The class REALLY enjoyed a few yummy activities using jelly beans!

I gave each student a bag of 12 Starburst brand jelly beans. 
The students had to model and draw their fractions of the set and partition the rectangle to show halves, thirds and fourths. We also worked in a little mini-lesson on repeated addition, multiplication and division within the same activity!

Using our five senses, we created a list of adjectives that described our jelly beans! 
The students published a shorter list in computer lab.
 It is a great lesson on inserting an image and changing font size and colors.

If you would like the jelly bean picture for next year, I can send it to you without the watermark! 

4.) The class wrote a progressive Easter story. This is an older example where the children illustrated only one part of the story, but did not know what the others before or after had written. The students enjoyed seeing how the story and illustrations changed from writer to writer! I typed up the story beforehand and passed out a sentence strip to each child. This was published in Kid Pix Studio.

Other centers for the week included some fun with marshmallow bunnies fact families and telling time to five minute intervals.

5.) This week I set a goal to get back to work on some blogging business that got pushed aside before spring break. I made myself a new Bloglovin button!

Ta Da!

If you are a new visitor, I'd love to have you follow this blog on Bloglovin or by email! 
You can follow along by using this image or the one in the sidebar! 

There is a whole lot of cuteness and creativity going on out there.
 Be sure to check out Doodle Bugs and read about some more Five for Friday fun!

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I Wanna Iguana Persuasive Writing

 Teacher, I WANNA IGUANA or maybe a cute little turtle... How about some colorful fish? Fish are very quiet and you wouldn't have to buy them any crickets....We know how you feel about crickets! 
I've never even considered getting a class pet. I can't imagine having to clean cages or change water and all of that good stuff. But we sure had fun as the kids tried their best to persuade the teacher to get them one!

Our latest persuasive writing unit was based around this adorable story!

I just love this unit by Natalies Nook! 
The kids had so much fun with the activities and the printables are just so darn cute!

The kiddos were very clever and gave some terrific reasons for getting the pet on their wish list!

So, in the end, it was decided that although the kiddos' letters were very convincing indeed, a class pet would be hard to care for and lonely over vacations. Whew!

Instead, we got a new class pet that doesn't make a mess, smell or require crickets to eat! 

Hello Jasper Jaguar!

Thanks Ms. S for our new friend! 
This was lots of fun!

Here's another easy and spur of the moment thing to do for persuasive letter writing~
Put a candy (or any non-food item incentive) of your choice on each student desk in the morning and have the kids write to tell you why they deserve to have it!
 I love to see the students focus on all of the positive things they have been doing at home and at school!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Math Centers and a Freebie

Hi Friends!

In case you missed my post from last year, I wanted to let you know about a cute math center that would be perfect if you are looking for some last-minute Easter activities for the next few days or even to use after returning from the holiday.

My firsties used to need a lot of practice with fact memorization! 
They learned them in the context of fact families.
 I used this activity with a yummy Peep theme as a center! They LOVED it!

 The set includes 42 cards, so you can switch them up and use it for several days.
 Each marshmallow bunny card has 3 fact family numbers. 
The kids took turns picking a card from an Easter basket which just made it even more special. 
Then, they had to create four related facts from their bunny card and write them on the recording sheet. 
If this is something you might be interested in, you can find it at my TPT store here

This fun bunny center is great for reviewing telling time to five minute intervals. 
It's a card matching center and also includes some good old black and white practice pages you could use for morning work or homework.

You can download this freebie here if you like!

It's always nice to hear from you and get some feedback at my shop on freebies too! 
Thanks so much! :)