Fall Poetry and Decorating for Halloween

I just love to use poetry in the classroom and my children love it too! Poetry binders are great to use for buddy reading, for whole group instruction, to practice sight words, rhyme, rhythm, and author's craft too! It's amazing how repeated readings of high-interest poems help with fluency and motivate reluctant readers.

In my room, the students each bring in a clearview binder. I like the binders instead of folders because they last well and then the students have a hard-cover keepsake at the end of the year. My former students tell me they still enjoy reading from their poetry folder! I print a  cover poem on bright paper and slip it into the front of the binder. It's a freebie at my shop! 

We work on one poem each week and I try to choose a poem with a theme for whatever holiday is close by or one that reinforces a topic we are studying. This week we worked on a poem about the seven continents for our map lessons.

My students love to color with their twistable (best invention ever) colored pencils. I made this Fun Fall Poems set for them in black and white. It has a collection of the best of the best seasonal graphics from all of my favorite designers! Click on the first picture to see it at my shop!

There are several poems for Halloween, a few poems about changing colors, one about Columbus, a November poem and one for our upcoming scarecrow unit that I am so excited for! If you use poetry in the classroom or think you might like to start, you can grab the set that will take you through 8 weeks of Fall fun at my shop for just $2!

This week in computer lab, we used Kid Pix Studio to draw a pumpkin and write a sentence to describe it. They turned out really cute! 

Our Stelleluna unit ended with this adorable craft freebie from A Cupcake for the Teacher! We added some glitz and glitter to the wings. They look very festive hanging from the ceiling!

I purchased these s'mores crafts from Oriental Trading Company! Aren't they cute? The mummy is my favorite.

The table covering is a piece of fun and glittery fabric from Jo-Ann that used to be on my bulletin board. I have orange and purple lights behind the decorations. The kids love our table especially with the lights turned low! 

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  1. Fab ideas, Jeannine! I love the table decorations.




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