Christmas Projects in the Classroom and a Freebie

I hope that you all have had a good start to the week with your little ones safely in your care and excited about the holidays. I'm a little behind on my posts about holiday projects so I thought I'd show you what we've been up to these last few weeks! Maybe you can still squeeze one of these activities in this week or file some ideas away for next year!

This Dear Santa Craft was really easy to prep and make and is absolutely adorable! It's from the creative and talented Miss Kindergarten Love! It's a must have for my bulletin board every year!

We took our Santa letters through all of the steps of the writing process including peer editing. 

  This student told Santa she wanted a North Face jacket because she would look pretty good in one! Too cute!

These are our gingerbread glyphs for our massive shared board in the hall. 

This idea was shared with me by my teammate so I don't have a pattern for you. Next year I want to use white puffy paint to frost our gingerbread glyphs! I used what I had on hand. This was one of those last minute crafts!

The students wrote about their favorite magical part of The Polar Express.

 Our grade level Christmas project this year is a snowy, sparkly pine cone ornament. I just love the collection  I have of school-made ornament gifts from my child. I think the parents will like these. They were so simple to make. We used a beautiful ribbon and glued a few berries on top.

There is a small school photo of each child on the back of the tag! 

The ornaments are going home in an inexpensive treat bag from Michaels. We did not collect any money for this project this year because we had been asking for donations galore for other things! I think I only spent about ten dollars on materials.

This is my ornament to the children so they will remember our Polar Express theme party.

This was a fun freebie from Amy Lemons. We used it as a peeker over our Holiday Help 
Wanted Ads. I had the students trace the nose pattern on wrapping paper.

We read a funny poem by Timothy Tocher about Santa's reindeer growing too old to do the job and others who caused problems on the team. You can grab a copy of our Holiday Help Wanted writing page from my Dropbox

My students had a blast writing their want ads. They were very creative!
 Have a fun rest of the week!

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