A Christmas in the Classroom Rewind

Don't you wish we could all rewind and do our favorite parts of the Christmas holiday again? I want to rewind back to the start of break! This is just going by too fast! In the rush of the holiday, I barely posted any of the fun we had in the classroom leading up to the big day! Here are some highlights!

Parent Gifts

The students sponge-painted wooden frames from Michaels. We added snowflake punches (made with a Martha Stewart tool), a little Mod Podge to seal the cutouts and paint, some crystal glitter and a pretty bow. This was their gift to their families. I asked that the kiddos earn the money to pay for the materials for the craft by doing chores around the house. The students had to turn in sentences they wrote, on a special paper, telling what they did to earn the $3. The parents really liked this idea! :) The frames were so easy to make and they turned out beautifully!

Santa Letters
These jolly giant elves, our fun administrators, delivered a snowy envelope from the North Pole! Each child had written to Santa earlier in the month and he wrote back to all of them in a personalized letter! Shh...don't tell... Our second grade team buddied up with a high school language arts class. The high school students write back to the kids and decorate the letters! 

 This student asked for a butler and his Santa is sporting a tank top!

The Santa stationery is from Nicole Shelby!

The letters were adorable! Santa returned them and they are going into the end of the year keepsake box! This is a flashback from my First Grade Gallery blog! 

 You might find some other cute ideas for your classroom there! 

 Our Shelf Elf
We had all sorts of fun with our friend, Jingles.
 Here he is reporting back to Santa through the Elf on the Shelf website!

 Jingles also reminded students to be bucket fillers and to follow the classroom rules throughout the month! He left awards and treats during his visit with us! You can read more about our classroom elf here.

Holidays Around the World

The kiddos studied how December holidays are celebrated around the world. This was a perfect activity for that long last week because they were really into it! Each partner group was assigned a different country to research. They read a passage aloud (after many practice reads for fluency) to the class and then summarized the main ideas from that country's traditions and customs. I was able to take several grades (speaking, listening, oral reading fluency and main idea) in one activity and the students learned so much from each other!

 The passages we used are from 24/7 Teacher

 Present Time!

This was just one of the many gifts from my class! Yes, I'm a spoiled rotten teacher! Each child added their thumbprint to this canvas frame. It has a bow at the top and when standing on end, looks like a present! I LOVE this! 

Of course, I got many other adorable holiday things, gobs of sweet treats, useful items for home and school and gift cards to my favorite places which I really appreciate! 

Here's a great idea to adopt~ our PTO asks teachers to compile a wish list and favorites list which is shared with the room parents. The room parents organize a class gift by sending home a letter. The kids know me so well, they know just what I like anyway, and many picked out things for me themselves! So sweet!

Project Central

We made many projects for bulletin boards and to hang around the room during the month. These cute ones are from A Cupcake for the Teacher

Feeling Grinchy

It was Grinch theme for the classroom party!
 This student had Cindy Lou Who hair! 

I encouraged the students to dress in wacky and festive holiday wear! These are a few fun hats!

No party is complete without some very special treats. These Grinch cookies, reindeer candy cane yummies and Grinch kabobs were my favorites! 

My room parents organized the party crafts and treats! I'm so blessed to have their help!
 The kids made Grinch ornaments like this one too!

My room mom also wrapped up our door like a present! 

To see more classroom fun from last year's Polar Express party, click here.

My Mommy Rewind

December was great fun and I'm sad that it's done. With my own little cutie pie all grown up and teenager-ish, I'm happy I get to experience the holiday magic through the excitement of the littles in my class! 

Aww... look how cute he is... this is a big blast from about ten years in the past!

(Note~Santa is allergic to milk!)

 I wish I could really rewind and relive these happy times again! They grow up so fast!

He doesn't cooperate for a photo shoot like he used to, that's for sure! 
 My little boy is 6 feet tall now and puts the bow on top of the tree! 

Here we are today making new holiday traditions like a laugh-your-head-off game night with Grandma!

Well, that's a holiday wrap! I hope you found some great ideas to put in your December file for next year! :)

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