October Currently and a Treat!

Yay for October fun! It's project central in the classroom for the next month and I love it! I'm linking up with Farley for the monthly currently!Here's what going on with me and some really random ramblings:

Listening~The only way I ever work out these days is when I dance around getting ready for the day. After work, it's all over for me and I'm BEAT!

Here is my (crazy mix) dance workout favorites playlist: **warning**~ you may have a dance club flashback!

Chocolate~ Los Ilegales (I have no idea what they are saying but love the beat!)
Don't Stop the Music~ Rihanna
Get Up ( Before the Night is Over)~ Technotronic
Groove is in the Heart~ Deee-Lite
Hold On~ En Vogue
I Like to Move It~ Bang Gang
Independent Women~ Destiny's Child
Let's Get it Started~ Black Eyed Peas
Le Freak~ Chic

Loving~This past weekend, I made the mistake of browsing through Pier 1 and left with things I'm sure I don't need but just had to have! Here are a few of my new fabulous finds and favorite fall pieces to set out!

What a beauty this marbled ceramic pumpkin is. I bought fake candles that come with a remote control!

Love this mosaic candle!

Ooh! Sparkly Fall gems! I put them around a candle.The picture doesn't do them justice!

I made this leaf plate in a ceramics class a few years ago and found these seed balls for display.

The leaf tablecloth is from Kroger of all places!

Love my lighted, beaded wine bottle and suede leaf runner.

Thinking~ I'm so glad that assessments are finally done for a while and we can get on to having some fun! I hope to share some photos of our activities this month! Great themes this month include Columbus, bats, spiders, monsters, pumpkins and perhaps scarecrows if we get to it! I have a few fall freebies at my shop you might want to check out!

Wanting~ My favorite treat has returned to Starbucks but I have yet to get one. It's on the list for the weekend errand pick me up!

Needing~ I have nothing against bats. I love to teach about them, read about them and view them from a distance. But my friendly house-visiting bats, you just have to go!I have a real-life spook house now complete with creepy noises.

My home in the suburbs seems to have been invaded by bats. They love one corner of my covered porch and I see the evidence (mess) they leave me all summer. Recently, my noisy little critters are keeping me up at night, thumping, scratching and flapping. I think they have made their way into the attic space above my porch and may be in the wall. The removal company quoted a hefty thousand dollar fee for their services to install one way exit flaps, safe removal and clean up if needed and then to seal off the entry points. It may be too late already and I'll have winter sleepers with me for a while. 

Treat~ Now for the fun part! The treat is a giveaway for a $10 Starbucks egift card. Maybe you can grab yourself a sweet, yummy treat on a crisp October day.

What do love about October? Leave me a comment and I'll randomly choose a winner next week! Remember to include your email too! 


  1. As a senior college student who is studying elementary education, Starbucks is a great treat and a wonderful place to grade those papers and do my own homework!

  2. I love the crisp mornings, and crunching leaves! kganon@sanjuan.edu

  3. The leaves, the smells in the air, carving pumpkins, a football game on a chilly night with a warm cup of hot cocoa or hot apple cider, the beautiful colors that surround me, and all of the delicious pumpkin treats!

    Great blog! I'm your newest follower!

    Mrs. O
    Mrs O Knows

  4. Oh my goodness... my Currently mentions how excited I am that salted caramel mochas are back at Starbucks!!! I must go this weekend and get one. Fall is my favorite time of year...boots, scarves and the holidays...my favorite! Good luck with the bats. EEKKKK!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  5. Bats in the house? You have all the luck! We are studying about bats this week and I would LOVE to bring in a bat for show and tell!! No chance you could send me one?!
    Just kidding my friend!
    Pumpkin Spice lattes.....a fall fab-favorite of mine too!
    Happy Friday and have a spectacular weekend!
    PS: your Pier 1 finds are awesome!

  6. I love that October is the birthday month of my husband AND daughter! :)


  7. I love pulling out the fall clothes...something so soothing about the colors after a summer of brights!

    And you poor thing...I think the $1000 is cheap compared to moving, which I would have to do if we had bats in the house!

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  8. Oh my word....a bat! Well believe it not I can relate. A fews years ago we had a bat in OUR BEDROOM...yikes! We got him to fly out of the window by using our broom!!! I LOVE October because the air is crisp and I love to drink flavored coffees.

  9. I really enjoy reading your blog. Your ideas are fun and inspiring. :) Thanks for sharing them. I absolutely love October. It is my favorite month aside from July (when I celebrate my birthday for the whole month! :) ) I love the smells, the shopping, Halloween, the art projects I get to do with my students. I wish the weather would change a bit more here in California. The most we get is wind...which I do not like about October. I still wear my fall clothes though - my scarves and boots and sweaters... so cozy. :)

    Jessica Miller

  10. Fall is my favorite time of the year! I love the colors, the smell and feel of the cooler air, crunching leaves under my feet, rust and purple mums, pumpkins in the yard, football, passing out candy to little ones in costumes, my wedding anniversary and Thanksgiving. What is not to love?? I could teach a fall unit that lasted all year! :)

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  12. Fall is my favorite time of the year...love, love, love everything about it! October is a BIG month for me...my birthday, my sweetie's birthday, and our wedding anniversary! Throw in pheasant hunting, fall harvesting, football, Halloween, beautiful colors and crisp morning air, and you have my favorite month of the whole year!! :) Thanks for this fun opportunity!! :) Hope this October is your most amazing month ever!! :)


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