Five for Our FINAL Friday! End of the Year Fun!

I seriously feel like I did one thousand things this week! I'm beat. But... it's our VERY LAST FRIDAY!!! Yippee! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for my final Five for Friday school week post of the year! We had a rip roarin' good time this week with our end of the year fun stuff and actually worked in a few learning activities too! 

I was so excited to get home to check my mail all week. It's a long story, but there was no mail. At all. For weeks.
 But...look at what arrived just today!

Happy Happy! I purchased these pencil door signs from Tallahatchie Designs at Etsy to give as an end of the year gift for my teamies! I think they are going to love them. I love the colorful ribbons the best. They are all a little different.

If you read my last post, you know that we had something special planned each day for our End of the Year Extravaganza

Here are a few snapshots of our bubble day:

We also had a campout read-in, a movie day, an electronics day, outdoor picnic-style summer birthday celebrations, a princess on her way to the prom visit, a guest reader, an AR assembly and raffle, the PBIS prize cart, sibling visits and classroom switches and a board game day (just to name a few). WHEW!

A little at a time, while my second graders were having all of this fun, I was able to put the finishing touches on report cards, complete student records and get organized!
 I am feeling accomplished!

It might look like all fun and games, but the kiddos did actually do some work! One thing we did was to wrap up our science unit and put together our matter lunch bag books. This time I used red bags from Target! 

It's Pizza Box Keepsake time so we did that all week in stages. This year it all went so smoothly!  Three fifth grade students from my Science Olympiad team came down to assemble our boxes. Coloring the cover and completing the memory pages that go inside was done a little at a time during the week. On assembly day, I delegated project passing to a few students at a time. It was a snap since most projects actually had names on them this year! :)

So that's it for classroom stuff! On the home front, I spent the week with little or no Internet connection. Let me tell you, my world  came to a screeching halt!

Here's a tip if you happen to have U-verse.
 There is a red reset button on the back. Poke a paperclip in it and hold for 10 seconds. 
That did the trick. For now...

Is anyone else completely exhausted??? It's hard work having fun (planning it too). This is my selfie version of "There is no tired like the end of the year teacher tired".   

The funny thing is at bedtime, I am wide awake. My mind keeps racing with things to do. This is what many people do not understand about teaching. Teachers never stop working and so, we NEED summer to get our own thoughts back in order again! 

Three more days folks and I am home free!

Thanks for stopping by to see our very busy last full week! Stop by Doodle Bugs Teaching to link up or see what all of our other teacher friends have been up to!


  1. So true, Jeannine! Many nights I am barely making it to my bed, then I lay down and BOOM, the ideas start flowing and I remember things I need to do that I didn't write down at school, so I have to set reminders in my phone. Teachers never stop. Ever. I love the idea of a camping themed read in! We did a beach themed read in, but the camping idea is so cute! You've had a busy week, but it looks like it was so much fun. Congrats on this being the last Friday of the year!

    Primarily Speaking

  2. I had a great time reading you 5 for Friday! Looks like you had a very busy week and the kiddos look to be loving every minute of it!! Aren't 5th grade helpers the best?? My class has their 5th Grade Buddies all year and it's such a big help when we work on large projects. I love your blog!!

    Warmest Wishes,

  3. I wish I was your co-worker! I love the personalized pencil signs you got for your teammates! I actually love them so much that I just put in for a order of my own. I told the shop owner how I saw them on your site and fell in love. Too cute!



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