Valentine's Day Informational Text Activities

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope it has been an amazing day! We had so much fun in the classroom yesterday with all of our activities! I'm sad that it is over, but glad at the same time because special days can get a little crazy. Even though Valentine's Day is here already, I am going to continue the holiday fun when we get back to business with an informational text / close read activity all about CANDY HEARTS! They are everywhere but what do the kiddos really know about them or how this famous little treat came to be?

This is something that I have been working hard on for quite a while. It takes many revisions to get the text, questions, activities, photo shoot and everything just so. I am excited to finally share it with you even though it's a day late and a dollar short!  

Here is the inside scoop!

There is one informational text passage written at the stretch complexity band for second and third grade. It comes with one page of text-dependent questions and several culminating activities. One that I love is where the students have to look back at the reading to create a love note candy of their own based on the history of how candy hearts have changed over the years. There is also a descriptive writing portion and an opinion writing piece. These are our focus questions/prompts to set the purpose for reading.

I will come back after winter break and add some live-action photos of my kiddos' work. I'm pretty sure they will LOVE it! 

This item is a hot bargain and on sale through Monday for just $1.20 at my store. If you think you might want to bring a little sweet history into your February before it ends, you can find the packet and read the full description at my Teachers Pay Teachers store {here}.

Everything else for February themes at my store is on sale too including a packet for dental health, a February Writing Kit, Black History Month items and everything Valentine's Day!


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