Thank you Notes from the Spoiled Teacher

Hoping for a cold/snow day off tomorrow reminded me that I never posted very much about Christmas or the weeks before vacation. After running out the door all excited on that last day of school, I really did not even want to think about school for a good, long while! We had such a great December with so many cute activities though, so I want to rewind a little here before going forward with more January stuff! First... let's talk about presents! Let me tell you friends, this teacher is spoiled rotten. I received so many beautiful gifts this year and the best class gift EVER which I will show you too! Wait until you see the surprise my room parents planned! 

This year, I found some spectacular stationery at Office Max and I typed my thank you notes.

I know it's not as personal to type them, but each one was individualized and I think they turned out so pretty! It saved quite a bit of time and it cost about half of what I would spend on thank you notes that look half way decent.

Want to know why I had so many to write? Look at what my dear room parents made for me! 

It's a gorgeous wreath FULL of gift cards to all of my favorite places! I just thought that was the sweetest idea!  Of course, I also got lots of darling things that the kiddos picked out for me by themselves and I really cherish those! 

So if ever you have to organize a gift for someone from a group of people, that was a super idea. If you want to save your hand from cramping while writing out thank you notes, maybe you'll want to give the stationery idea a try too! 

Thanks for crossing your fingers for that snow day!
 A long weekend would be just so perfect!

Have a happy end to your week!

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