Chevron Classroom Decor Set~Monday Made It and a Giveaway

Have you ever been to NY? Now I have a new thing to do on my bucket list! I was home alone mom this week because my buddy was gone and having the time of his life in NY for the fourth. How awesome! I tried my best not to have a big old pity party! I did watch the incredible Macy's fireworks on TV so I felt like I was there in spirit at least for a little while! To keep my mind off missing him and all of the action, I kept myself busy creating a few sets that I had on my Make It list to post today! I'm excited to share this new bright chevron design creation with you! It's a colorburst design inspired by the fireworks!

Imagine walking into your classroom each morning surrounded by all of these happy colors! 
Who could ever have a blah day? 

Are you looking to sunny up your classroom with some bright colors? Maybe you already have a bright theme going on in your room but don't have all of the pieces you need for labeling and organization.

What is great about this set is that you get to type in whatever you like to completely customize and label your room! 
There are lots of designs and sizes for all of your classroom needs. 

My room is decorated in black and bright decor with a variety of patterns.
 It's a mismatched but fun, color-coordinated look.
 I also plan to use some of these to liven up our shared pod area. 

Maybe you are hoping to have a certain theme in your room like owls. 
You can add clipart to your pages before printing.
 You can even use your favorite fonts!

This brand new set is on sale for the next day or two!
 You can find it here

You can even enter the giveaway to win it!
There is one day left!

That's what I've been working on for my Monday Made It! 

Link up your creations at 4th Grade Frolics too! 

Hope today is wonderful! 
Stay tuned for the giveaway winner!

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  1. I love your classroom decor kit - it's so cool! And I also love your blog - super adorable!
    I'm your newest follower!
    Beyond The Gradebook


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