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Are you looking for some inspiration for your classroom decor? This linky party should help to give you some fantastic and creative ideas! This is sort of a repost from last year because I just set up a new room!

 Make the most of your bulletin boards by making them bold and beautiful! I like to try to choose things that can stay up all year and then limit it to one or two boards for displaying student work. I invest in fabric to cover them and it saves so much time in the end! I like solids because you can change up a board easily if you get a new poster set or fall in love with a new border.

Here is a photo of the "wall" before posters were added.
 It took three full days to decorate the "wall" but it  was worth the effort. 
Here we have some posters up!

The alphabet is from Ladybugs Teacher Files and the Cafe poster set is a freebie at my TPT store!

I went with black and bright for my new room last year as you can see! My border is from Creative Teaching Press. It's called Dots on Black. I love it because I can bring in all sorts of bright colors and it really pops!

They have lots of coordinating pieces that I purchased for cubby tags, folder covers, etc...
This was before I started making my own sets!

This year I purchased the matching pen and travel mug!


I was in a really big hurry last year to get all moved and set up, so this was a great, quick welcome board! It was perfect because we are the Second Grade Superstars!

This is my Daily Schedule board. If you like it the poster set, it is available at my store. There is a white version too! 

I have five more, smaller bulletin boards in my room.
I used different borders in poppin patterns to coordinate. This board is for our Brag Tag necklaces.

 This is our behavior clip chart with decorated clips!

This is a wild and bright bulletin board to display Beanie Babies reading strategies.
 I found the perfect friends to hang here! 

More loveliness here from Ladybugs Teacher Files!
 I used the letters I bought and mounted them on yellow cardstock. 

The same was done here for the second day photo frame:

 This is my student teacher and her first lesson in DIY! She did a lovely job!

The black open frame is from Michaels.

  I bought bright baskets for every type of storage and printed black signs for labeling and organization. 
To the right is a cute coffee mug from Kroger that holds our highlighters.

I have a matchy classroom jobs set and genre dots in black against the whiteboard for contrast.

I made several decor sets in black and bright. These are editable and so I made matching labels for all of my book bins with the AR book level. If you like them, the black and rainbow bright decor set is available at my shop. :)

Here is my helper hanging the curly black streamers and paper lanterns!
 They are in each corner of the room. 

I bought an inspirational poster set in brights and those are angled and hung around the room.

These fans were at our local party supply store in a variety of colors.
 I cut off the stick and glued them onto the boring white walls!
Take it from me, tissue poms are a royal pain. Lanterns are so much easier! If you shop for these online, you will pay much more! They are really cheap at the party stores. I hung them using clear fishing line and lifted the ceiling tiles.

This is my reading nook and cute helpers/ bean bag testers during set-up. Black dish tubs (on shelf) from Walmart hold picture books. Smaller bright baskets in hot pink were purchased from the dollar store for chapter books.

 I found hot pink bean bag chairs at Walmart and my zebra task chair was ordered from Walmart online.

 They had a coordinating lamp shade too!

 I hope that you enjoyed your stop here for the linky party and my classroom tour!
 With a little help from friends, you can turn
 into this!

Happy decorating my back to school friends!


  1. Great Job! The room looks awesome! Your zebra print chair is my favorite!

    1. Thanks so much Julie! It was tons of work but fun to see it all come together in the end! I like the zebra chair so well, I might get one for home too!

  2. Your room looked great. I can't wait to see what it looks like this year!

    1. Thank you Yashika! It will look pretty much the same, I would imagine. I have one ugly wall that needs some help but that will be the extent of it. This year I will focus my back to school efforts on organization and long-range planning! :)

  3. LOVE the colors and the zebra chair!! Thanks for sharing, Heather

  4. Cute room and love all the decor! The frame is awesome! I'm definitely putting that on my to-do list.

    Cheers To School

  5. Love the alphabet line with the black behind it. I am sitting here right now cutting out the alphabet I bought on TpT from the Ladybug files. Now I see black will be the color! Great job!

  6. Good work! What grade classroom is this? Also how do you use your brag tags? Like the idea, thanks for sharing!

  7. I love your classroom! If you stop by my blog, you'll see the similarities! I love black with colorful polka dots too! PS: I'm also your newest follower!!
    Keep Calm and Love First Grade

  8. Can you please post where you found the "Dots on Black" travel mug? I can not find it anywhere!

    1. It looks as if the item is discontinued. It is no longer shown on the website. Maybe they will bring it back! It was from Creative Teaching Press.


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