St. Patty's Day~ Writing Riddles and a Freebie!

This is a cute little writing activity I just love doing with my class for St. Patty's Day! Have your students choose something green and write a fun green riddle like this example.

I had to beef up my old first grade sample to make it a little more challenging for my second graders! 

Students can even publish their riddles on the computer and practice skills like changing fonts, font size, color and inserting and resizing images or clipart. 

The best part of all is sharing them and trying to figure out each other’s green things from the clues! I have the kids read the first two or three clues SLOWLY and keep the class on the edge of their seat guessing!  The kids record their guesses to the riddles in a notebook (so they are not tempted to shout out the answer). The writer calls on a classmate to try to guess it after the last clue is given.

It's good, simple, writing fun! 

Here's a little freebie for top o' the mornin' work or for early finishers!

There are still a few hours left to enter the giveaways
Check back soon to see who the LUCKY winner is!

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