Valentine's Day Freebies

I am just about set for Valentine's Day classroom fun on Friday! This year I'm sticking with my favorite crafts, games and party activities, but with a few new additions!

I recently posted a freebie at my TPT shop to share with you!

It wouldn't be a holiday without a cute poem in our room! 
I retyped Hug O' War by Shel Silverstein for our poetry binders. 
You can download a copy if you like from my Dropbox!

Lots of other fun learning activities are prepped and ready to go too! 
 Take a trip down memory lane with me to see last year's festivities here

I also found these adorable homework coupons from A Teachable Teacher at Teachers Notebook!

What a find and just in time!
I'm getting them printed and ready to attach them to my treat for the kids!
Won't they just think a night of their choosing without homework will be oh so SWEET?

Hope you can use some of these freebies in the coming days! 

Rest up for a Friday full moon party
It could be a wild ride!


  1. Thanks for the freebie! So cute!
    And thanks for sharing about those coupons! :)
    Miss Elementary

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