Science Club Challenge Activity!

As if my plate isn't already full enough, I have taken on the role of head coach for our Science Olympiad team this year! 

This activity from our Science Club would be fun for you to do with your students in the classroom! I might try it out with my second graders! I could work it in with Columbus Day next year or with our discussions about the Mayflower in November! Integration~ yes! 

Penny Rafts  

Their first challenge was to build a raft that will support the greatest number of pennies when floating in a tub of water. 

Each partner group was given four straws, a pair of scissors and a sheet of foil to construct their raft. No restrictions were given on the design.

 Great care was taken to strategically place the pennies onto the raft as they counted! 

If the raft takes on water, sinks, rips or tips over, the challenge ends at the count of the last penny added. The students loved this! The club members learned a great deal about the importance of working together and put their engineering minds to the test! Coming soon~ tennis ball towers!

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  1. Thanks, love this idea for my collaborative learning time for my GT Students!

    Excellent resource!


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