Life Long Ago Anchor Chart Freebie

Boy, there are some fabulous looking anchor charts floating around Pinterest aren't there! Let's face it though, it takes time to be creative and to make them. I've decided to try to save some time in the years ahead and start to create some pieces for my anchor charts that I can reuse each year!

I print a photo or clipart in color, type a heading with a cute font, laminate the pieces, cut them out and tape them on the chart paper or butcher paper. All that needs to be done is the writing with the class or adding sticky notes! I recently did this for our Columbus Day bubble map. Now Christopher is all set to go for next year's chart! 

I made this set of printable Smart Chart Parts for our life long ago unit. 

There are several printable graphics in frames and some titles too.
It's a freebie at my store. I hope you can use it! :) Click on the image to download your copy. 

If you have a tip for working smarter, not harder, feel free to share it below! 

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