A Pink Pencil Sharpener! Enter to Win!

This is the pink Cadillac of all pencil sharpeners! :)
 I am trying AGAIN (no, I am not especially lucky) to win a snazzy new, quiet, pretty in pink sharpener in a giveaway that Heather at Second Grade Perks is having.

I am on my second wall mounted sharpener already this year. The handle has fallen off both of them but they are standard issue school supplies so what else might I expect? The two rather costly electric sharpeners I recently purchased bit the dust as well. I am so hoping to win!

What color would you pick? Head on over to see Heather and learn more about these amazing sharpeners. You've got three days left to enter to win one yourself! Thanks for crossing your fingers for me! I'll do the same for you!

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  1. I received this pencil sharpener in blue from a parent this fall and it is the most amazing pencil sharpener I have ever seen! I was quite skeptical that it could and would work like they said it would, but it definitely lives up to all of the hype. My first graders and I love demonstrating how well it works whenever someone new comes into our classroom! I entered to win as well because it would be awesome to have two!! :-)


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