Halloween Pinterest Finds!

It's almost here! Are you ready and rested up for a crazy week of spooktacular fun? My room parents this year are a creative and talented bunch! They found all of the neat treats and crafts for our Halloween party on Pinterest of course! Here is a cute idea for a healthy snack! We are serving up these ghost bananas and pumpkin oranges! How cute are they?

I wish I could find an exact picture for you, but the children are making hand print spiders in a web on a ceramic tile. It looks something like this:

 All of the tile was donated by our local Home Depot!

This cute door decoration was also a Pinterest find! I can't wait to see how our door turns out!

I've been busy on Pinterest myself lately pinning lots of cute clip art sets, fun classroom printables, freebies, videos and activities, crafts, treat bag ideas, unique home decor items, beautiful makeup and more!

My favorite finds are an animated version of Boris and Bella and an amazing video of a home with a light show you just have to see! 

If you are still searching for ideas for the big day, you may get some great ideas for your classroom on Pinterest too. You can see my board at  http://www.pinterest.com/lessoncafe/


  1. Great minds think alike. I just wrote a blog post about Halloween Pinterest ideas too! I saw those bananas and oranges and thought they were adorable. I pinned the mummy door last year, but did not make it. I can't wait to see yours complete. I hope your Halloween is "spooktacular!!"

    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  2. I love those festive Halloween snacks! So cute!! I can't wait to see your door; I'm sure it's going to look adorable!

    Primarily Speaking


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