Boris and Bella~ A Bootiful Halloween Story

  There are so many fun stories to share during Halloween but this is my absolute favorite! 

 Our fantasy genre study continues this week with  Boris and Bella. It's a cleverly written book and guaranteed to put a smile on your face as you make some good text to self connections! 

The story is about a messy, grimy monster named Bella Legrossi who lives next door to a tidy and persnickety (I love that word) monster named Boris Kleanitoff. They couldn't be more different. But in the end, the creatures find they have some things in common and learn to be tolerant of, and even like one another! 

Don't have the book and don't have time to grab a copy? No worries!You can view a really neat animated version! There is a link to a creative YouTube video. Click on the book cover above to take you there! :)

Check out this link for some fun activities you might want to do with your class! Chocolate gargoyle boils with a cup of ghoul drool anyone?

What are your favorite Halloween read alouds?

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