Snowflake Report Freebie

Rain, sleet, snow...we've had it all in just one half hour today! It's looking like a snow (crystal) day for us tomorrow, although I probably just jinxed it by writing about it! Please put your white crayons in the freezer for us!

Speaking of snow...One of my all-time favorite winter units following our lessons on matter~ and before the water cycle~ is a great transition between the two...SNOWFLAKES!

I begin with story Snowflake Bentley. It tells about the life of the man famous for developing a technique to photograph snowflakes.

Then I take my students to the computer lab to research and view photographs of snow crystals taken with modern technology! They absolutely LOVE this! With all of the ooohs and aaahs it sounds like the 4th of July in there!

I have them bring a spiral notebook to jot down some notes. In the past, the students typed up their report and I showed them how to save and insert one of the snow crystal photographs from the site. You can do this as long as the site is credited with the image.

I have a freebie for all of you with a link to the site, some directions and a few cute printable report pages with different line styles. You can grab it at my TPT shop! Click on the picture below to take you there!

If you download it and check out the link to the site, I'd love to hear your ooohs and aaahs with a comment!

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