Memory Lane, My Hey Girl and an Update

I just took a little stroll through memory lane as I browsed through some old posts at my First Grade Gallery blog about Thanksgiving. I sure did have lots of fun with my firsties last year! You might enjoy reading some of them and seeing pictures of our Native American Shields and our Thanksgiving feast and play! 

I'm not sure what it is~ Common Core overload, a new grade level, having a student teacher or a combo of all of the above, but it just seems that we have not done as much of the creative stuff yet this year. Are you feeling it too? 

Last year, I created this Smartboard Holidays Around the World file for my little firsties. Kids have a hard time grasping what it is like in other parts of the world, so with this activity, I have taken them on a virtual tour with a series of video and website links. I even learned some new and interesting things!

 I just updated it for use this year and added some new cute! You can see it at my shop. If you already purchased it, be sure to grab the update!

We have started our unit on life long ago and are reading some nonfiction texts from our leveled library about Pilgrims. These have been perfect for nonfiction text features and the kids are really getting into it!

We are also reading Little House in the Big Woods. Talk about memories! I think that was my favorite book in second grade! I used to love Little House on the Prairie on TV too!  Am I dating myself by saying that? I had a big crush on Pa! :) 

I think I'll write a Hey Girl on this photo! Maybe you've seen some of my Pins... How does this sound?

Hey Girl, I noticed how well you implemented the Common Core while integrating a social studies lesson and nonfiction text features. 
Way to go, half-pint! :)

Especially around Thanksgiving time, it's good to remember how hard life must of been for people long ago. It makes you appreciate and be grateful for the little things! 

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  1. I laughed out loud! Great post!
    I am having a Pete the Cat giveaway!


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