Halloween Spooktacular Words Freebie!

I made these Spooktacular word work activities for my kiddos for next week. Click on the picture to download them at my TPT shop! 

Today was pumpkin carving day at my house! I was the creative director, photographer, slimy seed washer and clean-up crew! Can you believe I am actually allergic to pumpkins and cannot touch the insides? It's crazy sounding, I know, but honestly I am.

 These are the masterpieces!

This is my teenager's creation. It's a character from his Mind Craft addiction game!

Here's another one you might recognize from another addicting game! We couldn't wait until dark, so we went into the bathroom without windows to light them!

The doorbell rang and we got ghosted tonight. I'm not sure if that is just a local custom or not. Our ghosters left us a bucket full of Halloween stuff, goodies and a Yoda T-shirt too! :) May the Force be with you! I don't know what's more fun, getting ghosted or the thrill of sneaking around and cracking up while ghosting someone else without getting caught. I just love Halloween!

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