Money Saving Tips For Teachers

Do you find yourself spending loads of money on your classroom every year? I know I spend way more than I should. It's really hard not to... but I am trying! The Weekend Warriors are here this month with ideas to help you save your hard earned cash with some money saving tips and tricks! 

 I am here to share a few things that have helped me keep some money in my piggy bank! 

Things that are used by students on a daily basis like notebooks, crayons, pencils and dry erase markers are always included on my suggested supply list

At open house, I have an area set up with requests for donations for other items for projects, housekeeping and organization. Things like paper plates and napkins for celebrations are all donated by families.

When I know something will be needed for an upcoming activity or science experiment, donation requests are put in my classroom newsletter

 Some really wise person once told me this...

 Even places like Home Depot will donate free supplies for school projects.
I always ask!

Whether you are at the checkout counter, calling around for quotes or making reservations, a great question is...
Do you offer a teacher discount???

Often discounts are available for technology, travel, auto insurance, hotel stays, attractions and so on. MEA and NEA benefits are something I need to take a closer look at.

 More money in our pockets from other expenses means more that can be set aside for the classroom! 

 I used to be the queen of impulse buying. I have so many things that I purchased for my classroom because I wanted them so badly at the time and they ended up being rarely or never used.

 I'm pretty sure a lot of you can relate to this funny:

So true!!! Target is a dangerous place for me! If I want to save money, I steer clear of that store!
When it comes to spending money on the classroom I ask myself these questions:
  • Will this item make me a more effective or efficient teacher?
  • Will it help my students?
  • Will I use it often?
  • Do I REALLY need it or is there something else I can use instead?

 If the answer is no to one of these, I just don't buy it, or I say goodbye to the item and turn around to return it!

The rule of 24 hours is working for me too. When I do online shopping for instance, I add things to my cart and then I wait. If I want or need it badly enough, I go back THE NEXT DAY to place the order. Many times I abandon my cart, forget about it altogether and just do without. If impulse buying often gets the best of you too, give it a try. I swear it works!

Sales are the way to go! I always wait for the back to school sales ads and free shipping offers from Really Good Stuff, Creative Teaching Press and Lakeshore catalogs. 

I don't spend money on fancy lesson planners even though they make me swoon. The reality is that I'm sure they don't make planning any less of a chore!!! I use the freebie Lakeshore offers with purchase and add a cute cover of my own!

Any time I shop online for ANY purchase, I always search for PROMO CODES first. I recently found this one for my son's new cell phone case. I did a google search and typed the keywords Griffin phone case discount code.
 I saved five bucks!

Are you a garage saler? I never really shop them much, but I have participated in our annual neighborhood sale over the last few years. I'm telling you, the things I sold or have given away were like brand new! Garage sales do not necessarily mean old, used up junk. They are a great place to find some fun games and gently used toys for inside recess time too!

Do you print things and laminate at home? Do you buy your own paper, markers, etc. for home or classroom use? Consider saving money by using more of what is available to you during your work hours. Yes. School issued supplies... not Flair pens, Astrobright paper, Vera Bradley binder clips, colorful post-it notes and all of the other fun stuff we have grown to love so much. Did you gasp a little just now? I know it's hard to imagine what we teachers ever did without them!

 Well... I hope you got some good money saving tips here today. I am by no means an expert or role model on the subject, but I do give it a good effort! I am the first to admit that I spend a lot of money on my classroom. I can't say that I regret it. My classroom is my home away from home and I want it to be a happy place for my students. While I am trying, it is especially hard when temptations are everywhere. 

Doesn't everyone need a hedgehog pencil holder??? 

Hop on over to read more tips and tricks from the rest of the Warriors and link up your ideas too!


  1. Target means trouble for me too! I try not to go there and when I go, I walk out with half the store! And by the way, I spent 20 minutes looking for that hedgehog pencil holder on Amazon LOL :-)

  2. Love the 24 hour rule! Works every time! And you are so right about asking for discounts! I think many teachers are afraid to ask! Great ideas!


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