Reading, Writing and 'Rithmatic- Five for Friday

TGIF! Life is good on Friday nights! I'm linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching to share my Five for Friday picks for the week! This is a good fit for a post this week, because, as you will see, it was a little bit of a smorgasbord of stuff!

1. We'll start with a personal accomplishment from the week!

Can I hear a loud AMEN?!!! The ACT test is over! Do you remember taking it? For years there has been so much hype for this high-stakes test! What a relief to just be done with it. Good grief! Now the wait for the scores... My high schooler is pretty confident he rocked the test! Fingers crossed. Being undecided about college plans, we hope to keep all options open!

2. We've been working on measurement in our classroom. In our Bridges in Mathematics series, the unit begins with the students creating their own cute little inchworm rulers. The class enjoyed a roam the room, worksheet-free activity as they measured a variety of classroom items with them. Later in the week, we moved on to standard units with inches, feet and yards.
In our number corner workout, which is a whole separate thing from the math series, we are collecting quarters, making deposits and withdrawals in our "bank", regrouping to the hundreds place in subtraction, studying solid shapes and talking about quarters as fractional parts of a dollar. This is just part of our March Number Corner display.

3. We also began our reading response notebooks this week. If you haven't tried using them, this is a super simple way to get students responding to text following a read aloud or independent reading time. The kiddos are really excited and proud of their new books! Our author study with Tomie dePaola books has been a perfect starting point!

4. It is writing assessment time so I crammed in one last lesson on types of leads. No time to be Pinterest perfect this week friends so our Types of Leads Poster Set is displayed on the whiteboard!

5. You may be wondering where all of the Read Across America fun is in this post! We did work in one little Dr. Seuss activity during our testing week! We enjoyed watching Horton Hears a Who! Most of the kiddos had never seen it before so they LOVED it!

 I have EXTREME teacher guilt about the lack of Oobleck and red and white striped projects this year! Wish I could say we had done more, but the timing was really bad this week! 
We are planning fun things throughout the month with our author unit, so that will be another post! 

 Thanks for stopping by today!
I always enjoy peeking into other teachers' rooms to see what is going on there and to get some new ideas.
 I hope you enjoyed having a look into ours too!
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