March Writing Prompts and Papers

Now that Read Across America activities are behind us, maybe you have started planning for St. Patrick's Day and other fun monthly themes! There are so many things to celebrate in March. The list goes on and on! Just for the record though...Daylight Savings is NOT one of them! What can you get accomplished in one hour? For me, that would be a load of laundry, a quick blog post, a trip to the grocery store, a hair appointment, some major housework and a huge dent in my school to-do list! On that note, I'll make this quick! 

This weekend, I brought home writing assessments to check for report cards and data collection. I beyond pleased with my students' growth so far this year! I'm sure that it had a lot to do with the specific instruction that I have given them, but I also feel that providing my kiddos with daily writing PRACTICE opportunities has been a huge factor. 

In case you missed my previous posts, I set up a monthly writing station with a variety of pick-a prompt cards and papers to select from. Here's a peek the March set:

This month, the prompts include these themes:

  Dr. Seuss' Birthday
 St. Patrick's Day
Leprechaun Traps
Pot of Gold
March Madness
The Iditarod Race
Oreo Cookies
Johnny Appleseed Day
Green Eggs
Feeling Lucky
Children's Poetry Day
and other fun stuff!

The kit also comes with lots of cute papers that coordinate with the prompts!

We are starting our writing station tomorrow.
 I think the kiddos are going to really like the activities this month. 
They get so excited when I introduce the new prompts!

 If you are looking to add more independent writing practice to your day, you may like to get something like this started in your room too!

To read the full description, you can view the March Writing Center {here} at my Creative Lesson Cafe store at Teachers Pay Teachers. 

Enjoy the rest of your day! Make every hour count!

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