Brush and Floss Kiddos! {freebie}

My own visit to the orthodontist yesterday reminded me that it is children's dental health month! Because I worked in the dental field as an orthodontic assistant for many years, I always pay attention to how clean/ not clean childrens' teeth are, especially those in braces! No matter how old they are, I think it is wonderful for students to get yearly reminders in school about the importance of caring for their teeth! 

I don't spend nearly as much time on this unit with my second graders as I did with my firsties, but we will be using this reading passage and discussing ways to keep our teeth healthy next week. 

I haven't decided yet, but if there is time, I might pull out the old egg shell in vinegar experiment. Kids always love that one! It's really need to see the effect the flouride toothpaste has on the shell! 

I hope you can use this passage at some point with your class, either as a reading activity or as a read-aloud! Click {here} to download a copy if you like!

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