Reindeer Help Wanted Project

Happy Friday all! How was the first week of 2015? I never did get that snow day I wished for, but that's OK. I didn't really need a break just yet... I am keeping with my new year goal today of FOCUS and am sticking to my plan for holiday rewinds and highlights I neglected to post! This picture shows what might just be my favorite December bulletin board project of all time! It's too cute not to share even if Christmas is now a distant memory for us all! 

The reindeer help project was inspired by a funny poem by Timothy Tocher called Help Wanted. It's about Santa's reindeer moving on, growing old and having some trouble getting along. In summary, Santa needs a new team!

After reading, we brainstormed ideas for how we would write a help wanted ad for a search for new reindeer candidates. We extended it to include possibilities for other positions that may be needed at the North Pole. 

We used this sheet to do the writing:

 The students came up with some really funny and clever ideas. 
My favorites were the job of reindeer therapist and the poop scooper!

The reindeer toppers you see were created using some adorable clipart from Teaching in the Tongass. I enlarged it to create the project pieces and copied them on tan cardstock. The students colored the antlers and hooves, then we glittered up the noses and bows. 

The class loved it, I loved it and I hope you will love it too! 

You can grab the writing paper and the directions with links {here}.

Maybe file it away or Pin these images for safekeeping until next December! 

What's on your to do list for the weekend? Even though I stocked up for the polar vortex apocolypse, I hope to be able to FINALLY go out of the house for errands since it's supposed to warm up to a whoppin' 20 degrees! That's a huge difference from the wind chills of almost 20 below that we had this week! Brr...

By the way, does anyone know of a job position for me that is somewhere warm and sunny
I might even work for carrots at this point!


  1. Eeeek! Thank you for the shout out! These are super cute and I really appreciate that you are sending people my way!!! You are amazing!

  2. You are so welcome my friend! I'm glad you found this post and that you like how I used your cute reindeer toppers for this project. I am your biggest fan! Thanks for helping me add just the right amount of cute to my classroom printables and freebies to share with my sweet followers. :)


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