Get Ready for Groundhog!

Have you started prepping for Groundhog Day yet?  Some years, the day just sneaks up on me and Phil never even crosses my mind until February 1st! If you are looking for some more resources to add to your groundhog fun, you may like these items!

Remember my post about the informational text passages for MLK Day? Well, my class rocked out the reading and annotating and they loved it! Because the written portion was a new skill, they needed quite a bit of support to organize their thoughts for the constructed response, so we will keep at it with our next unit! 

An Underground Home is a reading passage meant to be read and reread independently. This time, the students are also going to create their own diagram of a burrow (like a cutaway). They will have to look back at the text to label their drawing to show rooms and tunnels. I think they will LOVE this! 

This will also give them a focus for purposeful annotation in the margins. Setting the purpose by discussing the end product of the culminating drawing and writing activities will give the class a heads-up about what to look for in the text as they read alone.

The pages follow the same format as the MLK set, only with different text-based tasks of course!

To read the full and detailed description, you can view this item {here}. It's a mini-pack right now, so it's only $1.50!

In addition to some great read-alouds and educational videos, I use the activities in this unit. There's a little bit of something for all subjects so it's a very nice way to theme the day or week.

I was on a computer marathon to also finish an expansion to this unit. It now includes more nonfiction passages, some vocabulary work and some printables with real photographs.

If you are interested in any of these fun activities and projects, you can read more {here}. If you have this packet, be sure to download your update.

We are going to have a blast with the...How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?... tongue twister too! That's a favorite brain break and always good for a laugh!

What do you have in the works for Groundhog fun? 

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