Santa's Stylish New Suit!

It's time for a new look for Santa! This year he is really stylin'! You are cordially invited to the 2014 Santa Style Fashion Extravaganza brought to you by my second grade class! 

A few weeks ago, we read a story about a mishap with Santa's suit! Mrs. Claus and Elvin the Elf had asked the children to help create a new suit for Santa. Our naked Santa went home with a letter and the children worked together with their parents on this fun project!

 When the projects were returned, I decided to display our Santas on the whiteboard. It almost looked like they were walking down the runway... so we called it a fashion show! One by one the children came up to the board to tell all about their suit design. This was a great listening and speaking activity.

 Here is a better look at a few of the many creative ideas!

We also did some writing and gave lots of great detail about Santa's new duds!

This activity one of the BEST things we did in the month of December and the class absolutely loved it!

What's really great is that this activity, the letter, the story and the writing pages are a freebie!

If you'd like to try this activity out some time, click on the picture above!
Thank you Nicole Shelby!
 We had so much fun with this!

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