Fraction Fun with Cookies

Every now and then, it just feels good to get a makeover! Styles in beauty and fashion change, and so do trends in fonts and clipart on products.  I think this oldie but goodie from my store is very happy with its new look.

When I was teaching first grade a few years back, I made this item for my kiddos. It continues to be a popular little mini-unit at my store. Many teachers who have purchased this have used it for their observation lesson with great success! It is perfect to introduce the concept of equal groups and fractions of a set with the book, The Doorbell Rang. 

Right now, in second grade, we are taking the concept of equal groups to a new level by introducing arrays.

 I expanded this item to include some teaching posters that show cookies arranged in rows and columns for beginning multiplication and division concepts too. 

The students create a booklet that follows the pattern in the story, where more friends arrive at the door and the 12 cookies Ma baked must be shared equally. 

This photo of my first graders making their books is a few years old, but you can get the idea! 

These are the new book pages:

My favorite part of this whole activity is having the Principal come down, in an apron, to deliver a batch of fresh baked cookies! ;) 
He's a good sport!

To read more about this item you can find the full description here.
If you have already purchased it, be sure to download the updated file!

Hope you like it!

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