Fall Painting Projects

So long and farewell Fall! It's been wonderful! My friends, it is absolutely freezing here! It's 13 degrees and snowy! BRR! Be really thankful if you are reading this post from a warm place! 

While it's still fall-ish according to the calendar, I thought I'd share a beautiful project we did recently! It is a painting project that is virtually mess-free. You have to love that!

I love to get out paints every now and then, but I do not love the mess afterward! 
Here's how you can create beautiful fall trees and the kiddos can have some good hands-on fun!

Give each child a tree trunk pattern traced on brown construction paper and a large piece of black construction paper for the background. I have tried other colors, but the black really POPS! 

Gather red, yellow and orange tempera paint. Thick paint works best for this. Let the students squeeze small dots onto the paper where the leaves may be.
Lay a piece of waxed paper over the dots and have the students gently press down to squeeze and move the paint around.
Let the paint dry overnight with the paper still on the top.
 You can see that the waxed paper gives the paint some texture too!
The next day, just lift to easily peel it away! 

Kiddos enjoy projects like this one that are done simply for the sake of being creative! My class time spent on projects can always be justified for the many skills they involve like planning, following directions and fine motor. 

Plus, it's just plain old fun and makes the room look pretty!


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