October Writing Center with a Little Bling!

Halloween is a BIG DEAL for little ones, so I totally take advantage of their excitement! Our October plan includes a week of spiders, a week of bats, a week of pumpkins and a week of all other fun holiday things with good old Christopher Columbus in the mix as well. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the photo of this SPOOK-TACULAR writing center I have ready for my kiddos to begin next week. 

To make this lots of fun for our very first writing center, the table is covered with some cute glittery fabric I picked up at Joanne's.
 I also plugged in some orange and purple holiday lights and wove them around items on the table.

Target carries these cauldrons and black pumpkins I have on display.
 I used a rhinestone kit to decorate them.
They are so me!:)

Inside the cauldron are a variety of prompts I think my class is going to LOVE! They include different types of writing tasks. Even though the kiddos have not had formal instruction on all of the genre included, like persuasive writing, I wanted to have them try their hand at it. They always surprise me with what they can do! 

Before we start, I will read each of the cards to them, so they can begin working more independently. I'm pretty sure they are going to be SUPER excited once they hear the tasks! 

You can find the prompt cards in this new set by clicking on the picture below!

There are enough cards here to have each child choose a different task each day throughout the month but it's not necessary to do them all since we are starting a week into October.

I also made a few different writing papers for the students to use to mix it up a bit. Some require writing a list, so there is list paper. One task is to write a letter to a friend, so that stationery is included too. Other papers have cute bats and pumpkins on them that they can color if they finish early. 

Some things they will just write in a spiral notebook, like the acrostic poems, because I want them to set up the letters and I will have plenty of other writing samples to look at.

It's not too late to begin if you want to set up a center of your own or have something like this for Halloween week only. The center is easy to prep which is nice during this busy time of year! You can just do the prompts as a whole-class journal topic too if centers are not your thing.

So my classroom is mostly decorated, but I need to get moving on my house. I can't believe how October just snuck up on me. I live in the neighborhood where I teach, so tons of kiddos will be coming to trick-or-treat and see me! Today is a great day to start pulling out my outdoor bling! 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you got some fun ideas here to welcome October into your classroom!

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