Apples and Pumpkins~ Brown Bag Books!

TGIF my friends! Hope it was a great week for you all! I'm so excited to finally share this super cute project with you after a year of waiting for our apple unit to come around again with a new class! I snapped the last of the photos today as my oh-so-proud-of-themselves second graders shared their finished lunch bag books. My kiddos are totally head over heels in LOVE with their little books. I have not seen such joy in a finished project in a long time, and we make plenty! I think they liked it so much because not only was it a project, but they learned a whole lot about apples and became better readers along the way. 

The prep work for this craftivity was a piece of cake! That is always a bonus, right? We stapled together a few lunch bags and I made some copies of the pages for the book. The rest was up to the children!

We started out by reading each page that gets glued into the book as we discussed the life cycle of an apple from seed to fruit-bearing tree.

The class worked to color a few pages each day because I wanted them to take their time and have a nice finished project. While they worked, I read some informational texts like this great one about the changes in each season by Gail Gibbons.
The pages were collected daily so they would not get wrinkled, dribbled on or lost. 
You know how that goes!

On book assembly day, we cut out the pieces and laid them all out.

The book was put together as a whole-class craft, step by step.
 It helped to have an example to show them. 
This went very smoothly and all pages were glued right side-up and in the correct order!
Project success!

The last to be completed was a fill in the blank review section. 

This word bank was great for helping them with spelling the words that went in the blanks.

Then the kiddos got to practice reading their books. 
Repeated readings were done as choral reading, a buddy read and finally, for home practice, an independent read! 

My class absolutely loved making and reading their apple life cycle brown bag books! 
They are so excited to get going on the pumpkin bag books soon!

If you think you might like to try out these fun books with your class, you can read more by clicking on the pictures below!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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