Always Remember! Patriot Day Freebie

We will always remember where we were, what we were doing and the events of that day.
  Even more importantly, we will always remember the victims, families and heroes of 9/11. 
We appreciate the men and women of the Armed Forces who keep us safe and protect our freedom!

Although my students are too young to truly understand its significance or the details of the event, we will spend some time discussing simply that September 11th is an important but sad day in the history of our country. 

Last year, I shared these two simple pages I made for my little ones to show their patriotism.

I will have them copy from the board and color this page to take home.
 Parents can decide how much information they feel is appropriate to share with their child.

We will write something like this:

September 11th is a time to remember the victims, their families and the heroes of that tragic day.
 We love our country.

If you think you might want this for your class too you can download a copy here.

Always remember!

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