Word Walls Made Easy!

Soon, it's back to school for me. I have one one precious week left and I'm off on a trip down south as a last hurrah! Since some of you are heading back too and decorating your classrooms for the new school year, I thought I'd share these resources for making a cute and easy word wall display! I'm all about EASY when it comes to back to school set-up! Word walls are a great way to encourage correct spelling in writing as well as a wonderful resource to teach high-frequency words. I want my second graders to learn all of the Dolch words and MORE, including content or theme words to use in their writing. I'm excited to show you these versatile resources!

You can edit the cards by typing in the words that you want~whenever you want them!
 This chalkboard set is simply black and white with a tiny bit of chevron for some cute! 
It would go great in a chalkboard or black and bright themed room.

The other is a cute and colorful polka dot set. These cards can be edited too!

You may also like some letter circles for cute bulletin board headings in your room. You can print them on bright paper, or print in black and white, cut them out and glue them on fun scrapbook papers with a triangle cut out of the center to make a banner or bunting!

If you like EASY too and want to see more images and read the full descriptions, just click on the pictures!


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