Five for Friday~ Summer Fun!

This was the BEST week of my summer vacation so far! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to give you a peek! Since we are not back to school yet, this is mostly about summer fun!

1. ) This week, my brother was in town from Denver. I got to spend a few days with Chris, my sister-in-law Shanna and my Itty Bitty who's name begins with A. I mentioned a special someone in my last bloggy blurb and here she is! Meet Abra!

Isn't she a precious dolly? It was so great to see them and to get to know my little niece. Thank goodness for Skype. She knew her Michigan family right away and just loved her big, big cousin and Auntie Jean! She is just the cutest, tiniest and smartest little thing with a huge personality! I could just eat her up! We went to The Detroit Zoo, we swam, we visited The Henry Ford, we took her to the splash park and we took lots of pictures! 
 Abra stole the show for sure!

2.) They left for a while to get in touch with the great outdoors at our family cottage in Canada, so here and there, I did fit in some work. I made a batch of new kid-friendly fonts to add to the forever bundle. One of the fonts I named for these two best cousins! Tall and Small. That about sums it up, don't you think?
Also work related, I bought all of my paper supplies for the year at the brand new Office Max that opened around the corner! DANGEROUS! 

3.) What did you do this summer? 
When people ask me this, I will have to honestly say...I DROVE! 
 Fifty practice hours for new drivers doesn't seem like a lot until you have to be the nervous parent coach and passenger. Ten of those hours have be at night. We've been leaving the house, sometimes in our PJs, at 10:00 EVERY NIGHT to go driving around. Well, thankfully, our hours are DONE as of today! AND...He passed the driving road test with flying colors. It was a crazy, busy, tough drive in another city he is not familiar with. They have really beefed up the expectations for teen drivers which is a great thing for every one's safety. Here is the event captured at the top secret, no-practicing-here-allowed location.

Remember that dreaded parking test folks? Nightmares.
 You ROCKED the test bud! So proud of you! 

4.) This week, we finally opened up the new camera I've been telling you about. In five minutes flat, this one had it all figured out. We are trying to discover more adult ways enjoy our favorite childhood activities so we ever outgrow them! Now, we go on location for photo shoots. Hope he sticks with it. Grandpa was a talented photographer and I know he is smiling down on his boy! 
 This wildlife photographer has just captured the elusive red panda, mom's favorite animal!

5.) I'll leave you with a fun one! We had a chance to go to the Women of Rock exhibit. It was really something to see the actual costumes worn by so many fabulous ladies on stage. Only they could get away with it!

Guess who these costumes belong to? Yep. You were right! 
Cher and Michigan's own Madonna! 

That only scratches the surface of my awesome week friends!
Sadly, their visit is over and they've gone home to get ready for Itty Bitty to start preschool.
 I miss them so much already. Waaa! 

  But I am happy... because tonight... I plan to put up my feet up at 10:00, watch something nerdy on the weather channel, and count my blessings for the time we had together and for a successful road test today. 

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