Summer Lovin' Sale! Reading Comprehension Resources

Ahh! I'M LOVIN' SUMMER! Aren't we so lucky to have this time to regroup and reconnect? I count my blessings daily I'll tell you! It's so nice to just be able to relax and enjoy some fun in the sun and I've been doing plenty of that this week! It's also great to have the time to do some planning and shopping for the start of the year to get a jump on things. We know how quickly that insanely busy first week back to school can sneak up on us! I'm teaming up with some of my blogging besties to bring you some Summer Lovin' savings at Teachers Pay Teachers this week!

Grab a bucket and shovel my teacher friends and dig into some savings on great resources!

Let's get this party started with some sales at my Kidsrcute store! 

To kick off day one, it's all about READING

Let's start with 2 of the top wishlisted items in my store. 
They also happen to be some of my best sellers! 
I'll tell you how I use them with my kiddos!

This activity packet was originally written to be a companion for teaching the Daily 5 CAFE Strategies and as a DRA test prep. Every time we worked on a strategy, I pulled the corresponding page for that skill to use as a follow up. Then came the CCSS, so I made a revision to align it while still keeping true to its original purpose.

The practice pages can be used during small groups, as independent practice or as a whole class activity. The best part is that most of the printables can be used with just about any book! 
They are great for mini-lessons on reading skills too!

All of the pages are created in black and white (except for the cute little frog you see), so you just print and go! Here's a little preview!

 I start with whole group lessons using these pages with read alouds so every student can participate using a familiar story. Afterward, I use them to differentiate during reading groups and RTI. There are a few assessments included which are great for communicating with parents and progress monitoring. The story summary pages are very helpful in preparing my kiddos for their exiting DRA tests.

You can read more about the Reading Comprehension Companion and check out the sale here.

SO... what do the rest of the students do while I am working on reading skills with a small group?

 They are working at their level in reading groups of their own. I call them my BOOK CLUBS. In book clubs, students are working on fluency and comprehension. They run themselves and it's great! All students are reading, focused and pretty quiet during this block, so problems with getting interrupted or distracted at the reading table are very rare. My little group doesn't feel like they are missing out on anything either. 

 This group of super readers is working on a chapter book. They never finish before the rotation is over. Other groups with short picture books do, so to keep them focused and on task, after reading, they use these Book Club Question Cards.

 These are not just for book clubs, however. I also use them to check on comprehension with my small group. The kids BEG to use them!
 Each child draws a card, reads it and answers the question! Super simple success and they love the novelty of the little cards! 

When I have a sub, I leave a read aloud book and the cards for whole group use. It's an instant lesson plan! 

You can find the book club cards here

These 2 items will be on sale for one day only, so hurry and fill that bucket with some reading goodies! 

 That's all for today, but check back tomorrow for more summer savings on some other items!

I'll leave you with my summer poolside spectator / handstand contest judge selfie and these crazy cuties!

Be sure to stop by to see what my all of my friends have going on for their Summer Lovin' sale! 
You'll be happy you did! :)

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