Let the Countdown Begin! A Colorful Classroom Display

Oh yeah! We are counting down the days until school is out! Check out our cute classroom display!

When my crafty room mom helped me assemble this, we decided to mount it on bright paper to make it stand out from the whiteboard. It reminded me of a kite, so I went with that idea and the links are now the kite tail!

See my magnet men? They are holding it up because it's a little too heavy to stay up with tape. I put tiny magnets inside some of the links.

Each day my WOW work winner will get to remove one of our links.
 We are super excited to reach the end of the rainbow!

My sweet friend Jaime at Bright Concepts for Teachers shared this cute idea and countdown printable! Just print the sign, trace a blank pattern of the cloud for the back, staple the edges around most of it, stuff tissue in and finish stapling. There are signs for different grade levels too.

As I am tearing down the classroom and undecorating, this display really brightens up the room!

How do you count down to the last day? 

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  1. Oh Jeannine! It turned out SO cute! I love how you made it look like a kite! I hope your last few days of school were bright and cheery!


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