Hooray for Arrays!

Are we there yet? Some of you are closer to the end than I am, so you are probably really feeling the effects of spring fever taking over your kiddos! It will be challenging to try to keep my busy class engaged and motivated  for these last 16 days of school, so I have planned some activities I know they will think are really SWEET!  I am here to share one of them with you!

Hooray for arrays and for my second graders feeling like third graders doing multiplication and division! 
We like candy math in our room as you may remember from my other posts!
  Tomorrow we are building arrays with m&m's! 

Each student will build an array of their choice on their mat. Then we will number our spiral notebooks, stand up and scoot around to 10 desks that look as if they have an array that isn't already recorded. The class will have to write the repeated addition sentence and the multiplication sentence that each array shows. I will roam the room and be sure they are on track!

We did a similar activity yesterday when I introduced the concept for the first time. I just asked the class to make an array on their desk that shows objects in rows and columns. There were some blank stares and some who already knew what to do. This was wonderful for assessing where each of them were with prior knowledge.

Afterward, we took a gallery walk and looked at all of them. We had a great discussion about which arrays were correct and which were not good examples and why. We also had a quality number talk about the ways in which an array is like (or not like) fractions (as a way to introduce division concepts). 

I know it's not February, so please excuse the candy hearts, but it's all that I had enough of at the time. The kids didn't seem to mind revisiting Valentine fun. My little sweethearts know teacher keeps candy counters of all kinds as manipulatives! We never eat them, of course! 

After building the m&m's arrays, the kids will each get to visit the bingo marker station that is set up to dot up their own colorful array project to take home!

You can get a copy of the workmat and bingo page here.


  1. Thanks so much for the freebie! Any chance you could snap a pic of a the finished bingo marker projects too. Do they wrote out the addition sentences for that too? This is great :)

  2. Oh my goodness! I'm on my cell so that was really bad! I was trying to type Do they write out the addition sentences too? Lol

    1. Ha! :) I did not add repeated addition lines because there may be such a variety of equations. I am having my kiddos write them next to the multiplication sentence in the empty space. I will add a photo to this post. We ran out of time for writing because they were still drying. Next time, I will do it in reverse order!


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