Subtraction with Regrouping Classroom Resources!

Subtraction with regrouping is hard for some of my second graders. Here are some fun activities and resources I have found to introduce the concept!

First, we always start out by using real world examples and posing a problem that would create a mental image of borrowing a ten. I like to use the example of having a party and some extra guests arrive and you need more of something... It is usually a food example like cookies. Kids get cookies! Yes, we send someone out to the store and get more! My special cookies come in packs of ten. One pack of ten is what we buy. Now we have enough to be eaten (or taken away). The store has one fewer, but we have ten more!

The Good Neighbors' Cheese Feast is a great story to begin a regrouping unit.

When The Good Neighbors decide to have a cheese feast, the mice discover that they do not have enough cheese to make their dishes. The mice's story models the subtraction with regrouping process so the kids can visualize it and make the transfer later with base ten blocks.

We are spiraling concepts this year in math, so we introduce something and come back to that skill later and build on it. We started this portion of our intro to subtraction with regrouping using some super cute activities from Amy Lemons.

We made these mini books and chanted and memorized the poems to help us remember when to regroup!
Check out this cute video for some dance moves to go with the poems!

More on the floor? Go next door and get ten more!
We tackle this first with modeling using using base ten blocks or Unifix cubes. 

If you have a SMARTBoard, this is a great free visual from the SMART Exchange you can use for demonstrating while the kids model with blocks.

Someday I would love to have a chart to use like this one from Lakeshore. It is definitely on my wish list!

 Side note: Here's a great tip I learned at a math workshop and it works wonders!

Whenever using manipulatives, let the students play with them for a minute with the understanding that afterward, they are MATH TOOLS! This really cuts down on reminders and keeps kids on task during the activity. 

I laminated these workmats made from folders. They have lasted for years. I almost wish they would fall apart so I can make them cuter! 

 This Vimeo does a good job of showing the break apart concept.

I hope you can use some of these resources to help your class too!
How do you introduce regrouping? 
Feel free to leave an idea or link in the comments!
Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Great ideas! They touch on a lot of different learning styles for a concept that can definitely be a tricky one!


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