Math Activities with Cards and a Freebie!

What can you do with a card set of numbers 0-10? Maybe more than you can possibly imagine for good, simple math fun! They can be used for addition, subtraction, comparing numbers, even/odd practice, place value and more! 

I made a set of number cards for each of my students to use for various math activities and partner games. I like them better than a deck of playing cards because we don't have as many face to cards to take out and sometimes you just need a ZERO! 

If you like, you can download this FREEBIE set from my dropbox for your kiddos to use by clicking on the image! 

The file includes a list of some easy peasy activities to use in the classroom. Read below to see how I used them!

Cards in Action

For a cute and colorful set, I printed mine on colored cardstock and laminated them. I store them in library pockets from Creative Teaching Press and keep them in this cute box from the Target Dollar Spot. 

 Some activities start with a shuffled deck turned upside down in a draw pile. 

We lined them up in order from greatest to least and then turned over some to show only odd numbers.

Next, the students had to show a two-digit number that was even.

The cards went back into a pile and then they were asked to flip up three cards. The task was to show the greatest number with those cards. It got tricky when those zeros turned up. Zero is not nothing! Zero is something!

Elbow partners had to work together and compare numbers to see who made the largest. 

 When a ten was turned up, it lead to some great discussion regarding place value to the thousands place.

 Hmmm...what to do with that zero?
 The rule was set that it can't be taken away. 

  Yes, that works!

Next, four cards had to be turned up. The students could create a double digit addition problem of their choice and record it and solve it in their math notebook. Next, they were asked to rearrange some or all of the cards to create a different problem in which the sum remained the same (most saw that it could be the turn-around), and again in a way that would result in a different sum

 The next challenge was just that, but it was such a great one for getting the kiddos really thinking. 

I called out a direction to create a two-digit subtraction problem where regrouping would be necessary. This is a new concept that was only recently introduced.

One student showed this problem. They were on the right track with the digits in the ones place but failed to look at the entire problem. This was a great opportunity for questioning.

 This student got it right away!

  Another student made a model using his pencils to help himself to better see tens and ones in columns as he had seen on many practice papers. Because he had trouble with the concept of regrouping, I was able to pull out another card from my teaching set of extras to use as an overlay to demonstrate what we had done days prior when we decomposed cubes stacked in towers of ten. 

I cannot wait to get the cards out again!
 My students love all card and dice games, basically, any opportunity to get away from a worksheet and so do I! 

In just 15 minutes, we had a wonderful math review and I learned so much about my each of my students and where they each were in their mathematical thinking and skill

Enjoy the freebie! Hope you can find some great ways to use the cards with your class!

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  1. What a great idea to keep your students engaged in what they were doing! I agree, my students love to play with dice and cards too! I love how bright and cheerful your cards are too!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  2. This is terrific! I love how simple the concept is using 0 -10; yet it really shows how complex you can make the learning. Inspiring and helpful. Thank you so much for sharing. Karen : )


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