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I just finished a (better hurry up and post it before it's Christmas) monthly update of my classroom blog with a few photos and highlights from the month of November. I'm not sure if I have ever shared my classroom blog with you! Feel free to stop by and take a peek inside my room! The blog has some good information on the page tabs and some adorable photos of my little turkeys in action! I prefer not to put too many kid pictures here at Creative Lesson Cafe even though I have signed media releases for all of them.

Honestly, I have been trying to drive some more parent traffic to my blog. You'll see I have like 10 followers! I limit myself to monthly posts because I see so few page views there. I encourage visits to the blog in my newsletters. There is a link from my school webpage too. People are busy. I get that. 

So, I had this brainstorm to set up my laptop at conferences next week with the blog pulled up on the screen! I know some of our struggling families do not even have a home computer. For those that do, I'll have them subscribe by email right there on the spot! I am also going to periodically assign some homework for students to write to comment on a favorite activity or photo from the classroom blog.  

If you see something I have done with my students that you have shared, I apologize in advance for not giving credit. I do not Pin from that blog or advertise products in any way so as not to mix my daytime profession with my second job as a seller. It is strictly for parents, because it is linked to the school website. If you see something and want to know where it came from, I will be more than happy to write you back in the comments at this blog for all to see! :)

There are no product or freebie links, but you might still get some great classroom ideas, have a good laugh and find some good information there too! 

Do you have a classroom blog or website? I have set up a kid blog in the past and would love to do that later in the year! The students blogged about the adventures of our traveling teddy. 

And this marks the official start of Thanksgiving break for me! Yay! Tomorrow, it's appointment and Christmas shopping day, Thursday and Friday are eating days and then the weekend will be spent decorating the outside of the house and putting up the tree!Can't wait!

Have a fun and restful holiday! 


  1. Ok, I'll bite! I went over to your classroom blog and saw some super great ideas! Very helpful since I, too, am a second grade teacher. It's great to see neat projects actually being implemented. In fact, I'm going to share your classroom blog with my grade level peers.

    1. Wonderful! Now I have new motivation to post more often! :) Thanks for stopping by to check it out!


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