Fall Blog Block Party Freebies and Giveaway!

Happy Fall Y'all! 
Thanks for stopping by today for a little Fall Blog Block Party fun!

This is the end of the road and the last stop along the way! I hope that you were able to pick up some tasty freebies and mix and mingle with some new bloggin' friends or neighbors on the block!

Fall is a spectacular season in my beautiful state~ Michigan. Every tree that lines the street on my block will soon be full of vibrant color. We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy the beautiful colors of fall and all of the outdoor activities that come with cooler weather like going to the apple orchard!
 I love this time of year in the classroom too with our great thematic units and fun projects! 

My class really enjoys playing games of I Have, Who Has? so I made one for my second graders for Fall!  This fun card set will help your students with reading seasonal and thematic words for this wonderful time of year! It can be used as a whole class around the room activity or as a small group at a center.

It's a freebie for my block party friends and visitors this week only! 
 Click on the image to download it!

Here is a close-up of one of the card pages. There are 30 cards in the set.

I hope you like it! :)

My favorite fall activity is drinking hot cider and eating fresh, cinnamon and sugar donuts from the nearby cider mill! 
What do you love most about Fall?

Well, you have reached the end of the block and it's time to turn around! 
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 Thanks so much for joining in on the fun for our Fall Block Party! Thanks to Heather from Second Grade Perks for organizing this blog hop!
 Remember to stop by Heather's blog and enter the amazing giveaway with prizes donated by the bloggers on the block! 

Second Grade Perks


  1. Replies
    1. Wonderful Hilary! I am so happy to have connected with some new "neighbors" on the block!

  2. Replies
    1. You're welcome Jaime! Thanks for visiting during the blog hop!

  3. Fall is my favorite season too! I love the cool mornings and my fall wardrobe. I wish I lived somewhere where the fall leaves changed beautiful colors. Please share pictures with us so I can enjoy them with you:)
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

    1. I sure will! It's quite spectacular and we often take it for granted. You can post pictures to warm my spirits in February when it is 19 degrees here! K? :)

  4. I always love a good "I have, Who has..." game! What a perfect way to review fall words! Thanks for sharing!

    The Second Grade Superkids

    1. You're welcome Krista! Have fun with it! :)

  5. Replies
    1. Enjoy the activity! Thanks again for getting us all together for this fun hop! I look forward to working together again!

  6. This is such a great freebie! I especially love the layout design. I'm so excited to be participating in the blog hop with you! :)

    Primary Junction

    1. Thank you Kayla! My littles like things colorful and so do I! It's been fun working with you and all of the lovely ladies on the block!

  7. Thanks for the great fall freebie! I love the cooler days of autumn.

    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  8. Thanks for this super fun freebie to get us thinking about the fall! I know my kiddos will LOVE it!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

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