Daily 5 Posters and CAFE Set~ Freebie Friday

At my school, we watch a live broadcast for the morning announcements. My favorite part is what we call the "Friday Song". The whole school joins in singing and waving their hands to celebrate the end of a great week!

You may want to adopt this in your classroom. There is no particular tune so you can make up your own. This is how it goes:

Its...Friday, it's Friday, it's Friday, Friday, Friday!
It's Friday, it's Friday!
It's Friday all day long! Woo!
It's...Friday, it's Friday, it's Friday, Friday, Friday!
It's Friday, it's Friday!
The week is almost done! Woo!

I have no idea who made this up, but it's just our silly way to get pumped up for the weekend!

Freebie Fridays at TBA is really something to celebrate! I have found so many fantastic downloads by searching through previous Friday posts. Someday, when you have a little free time, you might want to do the same. There are seriously hundreds or even thousands of freebies to browse! It's a great way to find new blogs you may want to follow too!

I'm linking up again to share some Daily 5 poster sets. I have gotten many requests to make a set that matches the black and bright CAFE poster set. Both are freebies at my TPT store and Teachers Notebook shop.

This one has been downloaded over 4000 times!
 It's CRAZY to imagine that many classrooms may have this on their bulletin board! :)

If you're implementing Daily 5 in your room and love bright colors, this is the poster set for you! :)
Enjoy it friends!

I love receiving feedback on freebies! It just makes you feel good to know that you have helped someone out and that they appreciate it. 

Here is what one sweet teacher (Kelly) said:
I LOVE this poster set. I was looking for a CAFE set that is thorough, kid friendly, and bright and cheery, and you completely nailed it! Thanks for making it a freebie!!

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My post will be related to managing 
Daily 5 rotations!

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Freebie Fridays

See what other great freebie finds are out there! Click on the picture to visit TBA!
Have a super weekend! Woo!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I am beginning Daily 5 this year and can't wait to watch it work in my classroom.


  2. These are absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing.


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