Classroom Labels Made Easy!

My printer has been running non-stop these days. I've spent a small fortune printing all of the classroom items I have made or purchased for my room! To save time and a little cash, I usually create classroom labels using name tags.

I purchased these from Lakeshore Learning and Creative Teaching Press in a variety of themes to match my room! I use them for:

name tags for field trips
supply boxes
bus tags
cupboard labels
my Monday-Friday drawers
classroom jobs
center rotation cards
book baskets

I purchase Avery address labels #8860 or 5160. I always print several sheets of just student names because I use those for other things like folders and binders.

There is a template online so you can type in what you like and the only ink you need to use is what you need for the small address labels! Click on the picture above to download a template!

You can also write on these with sharpies and laminate them! I found this photo from A Cupcake for the Teacher! Cute and colorful! Check out her post! :)

I also purchased coordinating desk plates to use to label larger items like storage boxes and my my monthly bins.

Hopefully this little tip will help you out with getting organized in a cheap and easy way! 


  1. I'm with ya... I just had to replace my ink cartridges again! I love the colors of the name tags... very cute!

    Seconds at the Beach

  2. Love the way the labels came out. So darn cute! Yay for being your newest Blog Lovin follower. =)

    Just Wild About Teaching


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