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Can it be already? When I think about August, I think about a month of getting psyched up and ready for all things back to school. Today I updated and printed parent night brochures and have to be sure to do a little something like that every day to make the first weeks back easier! Still, there is a lot I want to do with my summer vacation time! Summer-please slow down!

I'm linking up with Farley for the August Currently!

Listening~ I live in The Motor City. Well, that is, in the suburbs about an hour from Detroit. Just about everyone in this town is into classic cars and every other house has a restored car of some kind. You may have heard of our famous Woodward Dream Cruise. The neighbor works on his car all day. It's in showroom condition, but we have a lot of rumbling around here!

 If I won the lotto or something and could get a car for the cruise, this is what I would pick:


I'll get this one too for the following year! :)

They ought to make a rumble and turn some heads for sure!

Loving~I've been wanting a drawing tablet and finally decided to splurge and get it! There is a lot to learn but it's so much fun! I'm working on some easy things to start. There were five creations scrapped already today that had some funny paper texture thing going on, so it's back to the drawing board tomorrow! I guess I know where the saying comes from! My boy is a talented budding artist so he is having a good time with it too! He made some abstract thing that looked like my roof shingles in a tornado! :)

Thinking~ It was the perfect day for a trip to the lake. We rented kayaks and then stopped at the beach. That was on the bucket list to do this summer. We try to make every day a "field trip" day.

Wanting~ I am so in love with the beautiful paisley designs from Erin Condren.

This one is my favorite:
What accessories are must-haves for the planner? If you have one, please let me know what you recommend!

Needing~ I can't wait for my upcoming trip to Chicago. I am taking my son there for his birthday. He went on a class trip a few years ago and has been asking to go again.  I haven't been there for years. I need to start looking into ways to get around, yummy places to eat and things to do for the one day that is still unplanned. We are taking the train round-trip! I do remember there is a Starbucks at every corner so I will be very happy indeed! We are staying right in the center of all of the action and shopping. It should be a wonderful, jam-packed few days! 

What is something that is a must-see other than the Shedd Aquarium and The Museum of Science and Industry? How about Restaurants? I remember going to a place called the Red Head Piano Bar. Is that still around?

Back to School Must-Haves~ If all stores were closing tomorrow and I could not purchase another thing for school, the show would go on as long as the teacher was present and looking ready for the first day of school. Everything else could be whipped up on the spot. We could probably find ways to teach without any "stuff".

I think the biggest must-have thing would be a comfortable, black maxi skirt. They look great on just about any figure! You can dress it up or down and it always looks professional and stylish. It's like having a little black dress in your closet for a party occasion, right?

No great teaching happens when my feet are killing me, so a must-have is a pair of comfy shoes. We are encouraged to wear closed-toe shoes at work, so ballet slippers are perfect with slacks or a dress. I found a super-duper comfy and cheap pair at Payless! 

I got them in nude too! It's hard to find a nude that's just the right shade. They'll go with anything!

But what I really want are these:

Tieks! But they're a little out of my price range right now! Aren't they beautiful?
  I want one of each, please!

I have my eye on this bag from Fossil! I'm not sure if it is big enough. Even with a beautiful bag, I'll probably still be dragging in bags of stuff from Target, Michaels and Office Max as usual!
What do you think of this lunch tote from Vera Bradley? The pattern is called Canyon.
I can live without any of it for sure and make do with the bags I have. To look put-together, confident and professional is a great way to mask the anxiety that the first day back can bring! That's why I pick these items as must-haves! 

I hope you've linked up too or stopped over to read more August Currently's! I'll be joining in the fun for Freebie Friday tomorrow. Hope to see you then!


  1. That's the Erin Condren planner I have and I am OBSESSED! I really want to order the clipboard to match. I need to go back and order the pen adhesive thing too. You will LOVE the planner!


  2. I'm going to Chicago in two weeks! My sister and her family live there. Such a wonderful city. Have you gone to the Sears tower skydeck? You can go out on the glass ledge. It is scary but awesome.
    I hope you have a blast in Chi-town!!!
    Colleen :-)
    Fun and Fearless in First

  3. Hello!
    That maxi skirt is SO cute! And those shoes… Oh man, I need to win the lottery ;) I have two different styles of lunch boxes from Vera- they are alright… But I'm pretty picky ;)

    Good luck this year!
    Just Keep Teaching

  4. I live in the metro Detroit area and understand what you mean about the classic cars!! Before your trip to Chicago be sure to preregister for an educator's pass at Shedd' will save you a bit of cash!

  5. Besides getting a new teacher bag, you've convinced me to buy a new planner as well. Where can you find Erin Condren? I usually go with the one that my school supplies but this year I want something pretty too!!

    I love your sequencing activities. I'm going to share them with our Speech Pathologist. I know she will love them!

    The Rungs of Reading

  6. Love the skirt and shoes! They are adorable! I want a pair of Tieks so badly too but can't justify the price right now. Chicago is our favorite city to visit. The hubs family is from there. Wish we lived closer so we could go more often. We ALWAYS go to a Cubs game-if you like baseball Wrigley is a must go to stadium. I will email you later with some restaurants to try. Hope you have a blast!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers


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