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How many times have we tried something in the classroom only to have it be a flop, a fiasco, a total dud with the class, more trouble than it was worth or just not work out the way you thought it would. If at first you don't succeed...right?  The great thing about teachers is that our wheels are always spinning and we take time to reflect on what didn't work and why, what might work and what does work!

That is the theme of my new Wednesday linky
I'd love it if you'd hook up with me to share some of your successes and even a flop or two! I just can't be the only one! :) It doesn't have to be a majorly complicated post. Any random, even rambling, thought of a reflection, like mine today, is good enough here! Feel free to save the image below and link back to my blog if you want to join in! I hope to make this an easy hump day post idea for everyone especially when we are all busy and back to school!

 I found my perfect Avatar~she is just like me (green eyes and all)~in black with her sparkly shirt on! hehe

My post today is something that I've been thinking about now that planning has started for back to school. Promise not to judge!

What Didn't Work:
O.K. So I made this beautiful behavior clip chart in my colors of rainbow black and bright. I glued it onto the perfect black ribbon just like I saw on Pinterest and then found the perfect spot on the wall to display it. It was a masterpiece far too fantastic to actually use, but I prepared myself for the fact that the clips and the kiddos were on their way. 

We decorated the clips on the first day of school as a station. I thought would be just the thing to get the class pumped up about the new clip chart system I was implementing this year. Oh, their faces were full of excitement as they tried to pick the perfect bright acrylic paint colors and select gems and embellishments to personalize their clips! At the end of the day, I was feeling quite accomplished with my gorgeous chart and clips. I proudly posted pictures on my blog to share what we had done. Maybe you remember reading that post.

The next day, we placed all of the clips on the Ready to Learn" spot. Five minutes later~ thud! There went the chart onto the ground! ARRR! It was never the same after that. I have had this love/ hate relationship with the clip chart.

 No matter what I tried throughout the year, I could not keep it from falling down, coming off the ribbon or twisting. I tried glue, adhesive hooks, push pins and finally staples. By the end of the year my masterpiece was a mangled mess.

I thought about repairing it. I though about remaking it. Then I came to my senses and decided. I CAN"T STAND THAT SILLY CLIP CHART ANYWAY!
 Am I the only one? 

 It's heavy. It's a lot to manage with 28 clips constantly moving through too many categories. Moving clips was a huge distraction to the learning environment even when we did it at the end of the day. There were so many gray areas for clipping up or down and parents just didn't get it. I tried everything to make it work. I changed things throughout the year, determined to make it work, but still it was a flop. Literally!

But they're pretty. They match our decor. They are editable and customizable and have cute sayings. I made them and even sell them at my shop. I feel almost guilty for not liking it. But I am saying goodbye to my clip chart. 

What Works? 
Thinking sort of out loud here: 
The traffic light system works for me. It definitely needs something more. The "flip a card" system in a pocket chart works too, but seems kind of negative. The clip chart motivates kids to be better than just good and I am all about that.

 Hello~I am a licensed counselor and teacher with many years of experience managing kiddos in the spectrum of behaviors. I am trained in behavior management and behavior modification techniques. I can create something I know will work for any class! 

 So, I came up with my own system! I took the very best of all of the methods I have used over the years, added my own twist on things that work for me and blended them together into one new kit!

Here it is! It's all about encouraging  Best "Bee"havior.

Well, I may be the only one going off on my own path with behavior management for a time. I cannot do what does not work for me no matter how wildly popular it is.
 This time, the display with hive posters and bee cards is going on the whiteboard with magnets. It's a simpler system of three to four tiers. It is created in a black and white option too so I will make mine in brights like neon green,  yellow and hot pink (not red, green, yellow) to match my room and it will still be colorful and beautiful.
 It will work. I can keep up with it and it's cut and dry, so parents can easily understand and support the program. It's full of awards, incentives, happy notes, take home charts and best of all-it's cute! I'm going with this and am quite sure that it will work fabulously for me! I'm really excited 
to get printing and laminating!

 If you're with me~ at clip chart frustration level ~or are thinking about which system to implement just starting out in a new position, this may work for you too! Click on the picture if you are curious to know more about the program!

My new system is different because it includes a reflection component for poor or positive behavior, visual/immediate rewards and consequences for students needing an individualized plan, a whole-class incentive, manipulatives to collect, a token economy system, rewards to wear and a clear way of communicating with parents.
All of these behavior management techniques have been successful for me in the past so I'm going back to what works.

Thanks for letting me do some reflecting and thinking! I wish you the best of success with whatever behavior system you are using. No hard feelings, I hope, for those that adore their clip chart. I am a firm believer that strong classroom management is the key to a great learning environment. I always have the best class ever because we work so hard at building our classroom community and an atmosphere of mutual respect. That is the secret to making any plan work! 

 I'll try add official inlinkz code for the next Wednesday! Add it to your calendar for next week! Where else can you get things off of your mind, brainstorm with others and learn from each other we way we can here? Help me spread the word because I think this level of reflection is what makes teachers such a unique bunch!

 Thanks friends! Enjoy the rest of the week! I'll be back with a freebie on Friday. Don't miss out on a post! Follow by email!


  1. I am right there with you on those long clip charts. They do look nice, and I like the idea of moving your clothespin up for good behavior. However, how to hang the rather heavy chart up securely and still be able to move the clothespins around was a problem for me as well. My classroom rules all start with the word "Be" (e.g. Be a good listener. Be kind to each other), and I can't wait to check out your Best Bee-havior system!


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