Fun Activities for the Last Days of School

Hello friends! Yes, it's been hard to keep my little ones productively engaged these last few weeks. They are burned out from so much assessing and it has zapped the fun out of our days for the last month! I saved some really high interest lessons and activities for the last full week. There are six full days and two half-days left for me! I can't wait to spend some quality time having fun in the sun with my boy before he gets too cool to hang with his mom!

I wanted to share a super cute writing activity from Natalie's Nook that my students are absolutely LOVING! It ranks among my all-time favorite purchases!

I set these activities up as writing stations. There are cut-out pieces and sequencing mats with cards for the kiddos to help with their procedural writing. They each have a How To... booklet that is included with the pack. 

How to Catch a Bug

How to Make a Sandwich

How to Make a Birdhouse

How to Make a S'more

How to Make a Pizza

Speaking of pizza, this week we will take a trip down memory lane and remember all of the great times we had! The year is sadly, happily, well, just coming to an end, and so my class is getting ready to do some thinking about our school year and how much they have grown in second grade! This project and a photo DVD are my gifts to the children and families.

I've been saving a project each month in a jumbo storage bin for our keepsake pizza boxes. The students really enjoy looking back at all of the fun times we have had with each of our themes and holidays as we pass back their forgotten treasures and photos I have taken. I've been doing this craftivity for years and it is wildly popular with the kids and parents! Gordon's food service carries plain white boxes which is what I use, but you could have your students bring in their own.

Click on the pictures to see more at my store!

I have to be sure to pick up some shaving cream for the good old last day of school (make a big mess while you clean) activity! Rather than a free-for-all of flying foam, I do this as a structured activity and have students write spelling and sight words, do math problems or write a word to describe something having to do with summer. This works out great and the kids just love having permission to get gooey.

 By the way, I went for some retail therapy yesterday :) and while I was out, picked up the cutest gifts for my team, special helpers, university students and room parents. Stay tuned for some great end of the year gift ideas!


  1. This just reminded me that I needed to pick up shaving cream for this week! Whew! This weekend flew by and I feel like I got nothing done.. My days left in school are getting shorter and my to-do keeps growing.. Ahh!!

    Your How-To Sequencing cards are cuuutte!

    That's SO Second Grade!

  2. I did this last year and it's SO much fun. The kids love it and it makes the room smell so nice. #Littlevictories

  3. Happy almost summer! Your activities look adorable!!

    I MOVED! Check out my new site:
    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  4. I did a pizza box last year, but used the kids' handprints. I gave them to the parents on Curriculum Night and told them that they could only keep what fits inside....there was nervous laughter. ;)

    I love that how to unit - I'm going to go check it out!


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