Read Across America Activities

Kalahari Water Park Resort was a blast and it was great to get away on a mini vacation! I've worked on a few new things since returning home.

 I'm getting ready to celebrate Dr. Seuss on his birthday with some fun and silly stuff! This year, it will be celebrated on Friday, March 1st.

 I just finished these center activities! 

Click on the picture to see the description at my TPT store!

I was so sad to have to delete my favorite Dr. Seuss-themed items from my store last year because they were activities for use directly with books, but sure will be using them in my own classroom! These should be safe to post and still look very Seussy!

Let me know which one you might like (the rhyming center or short a word family center) and I'll pick three to get one free like usual! :) I'll need your email too!

By the way, I decided to try out Twitter. I'm not sure about it just yet... but if you want to find me there I could sure use some followers:) If you have a Twitter, let me know. I'll follow you back!

Here's the link (I think!):


  1. The Rhyming Center is just too cute! My students still need some practice with that concept! Hope to be a lucky winner!

    1. Thanks Rachel! I'll send it your way! Hope your kiddos like it!

  2. I love the rhyming center! My kids still need practice with that concept as well! I love your stuff!

    1. Thanks a bunch Kelly!The center is yours! Have fun with it!

  3. Thank you Jeannine! I will print this out tomorrow and have it ready to go!


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