12 Favorites of 12 Linky

 Maybe by reading, you'll find we have a few things in common besides teaching! Here we go, the best 12 of 12...

 Alright, I'm already stuck. Number 12 did say favorite movie, but sad to say, I don't remember going to the movies at all this year!If I did, it wasn't one to remember for sure! So, I'll improvise...

12. Favorite new song:
50 Ways to Say Goodbye~ good beat and hilarious lyrics! My teenager and I just crack up every time we hear it!
She met a shark under water, fell and no one caught her...

11. Favorite TV series:
Breaking Bad wins followed by Grey's Anatomy and Scandal~ I'm hooked. 

10. Favorite restaurant:  That's easyPanera Bread! Yum!

 Just about every Saturday, while out running errands, I treat myself to a cup of black bean soup, a half Cuban chicken sandwich and a wild berry smoothie! It's a little reward to myself for working hard all week!

9. Favorite new thing you tried:

I opened up my TPT shop, Kidsrcute, and started this blog!

8. Favorite gifts you got:
 I adore my Brighton bracelet bling my boys got me for Mother's Day. Check out this beauty. Lucky me!

This adorable mug is a birthday gift from my itty bitty. It says~ I love my Auntie Jean!

I could go on and on about gifts. I love all of them!

7. Favorite thing you pinned:

Isn't that the truth? :)

6. Favorite blog post:
My favorite post had to be about the classroom move. It was so much work, but really thrilling at the same time. I was very glad to see it all come together in the end! So was my family who helped me tremendously! Whew!

5. Best accomplishment:
My best accomplishment was not mine really, but watching my son at awards night being recognized for a 3.9 or higher cumulative grade point through all of his middle school years! I was such a proud Mom!

4. Favorite picture:
It's a picture of a picture frame with a portrait drawn from a picture! 
This is my son was he was just a toddler. I've been photographing my favorite things lately. I've been sentimental after hurricane Sandy and thinking of all the people whose precious possessions were destroyed.

3. Favorite memories:
This September, my brother, sister-in-law and precious baby niece visited from Colorado. The whole family had so much fun together! It was hard to say goodbye.
  Isn't she sweet? I wish they lived closer.

We had lots of fun in the sun on our annual Florida vacation too! Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures to show that do not feature me in a swimsuit or beach wear! Some things will never be made public! hehe

2. Goal for 2013:
 More time spent on the things that matter most.

1. One Little Word:

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