Thankful for Smartboard!

Last year, my first graders absolutely loved anything thematic on the Smartboard! I just gave my Thanksgiving activity a makeover using all new Thistle Girl graphics which I adore. I love my Smartboard, but it takes patience to create in Smart Notebook!It's tedious clicking, cutting and locking and cloning and centering... Those of you that have started creating in Smart Notebook, know what I mean!  I worked on this 25 page file for HOURS over the last few days but I am happy with the makeover so it's all worth it!   My favorite page is the turkey trot subtraction where the turkeys slide off the screen when touched!  I am THANKFUL that it's finally finished! One thing crossed of the TPT to-do list! You can click on the picture to see it at my shop!

My little firsties had a hard time reaching the board especially in the beginning of the year. I brought in a step stool for them. I also have a variety of long sparkle wands and finger pointers for the kiddos to use. For easy to reach areas, a tennis ball is the best tool of all! It keeps dirty fingers off the board and objects slide around easily! Then, when you like, you can put the tennis ball in the wash! Genius! I no longer allow fingers on the board. When the board does get dirty, use blue Windex and a microfiber cloth to clean it.

Here's a great link for Smartboard lessons for anything you may ever want! This site is amazing!

Too much computer time tonight. Seeing double here! Have a happy Monday. Hope it will be the start of another great week! My student teacher assumes full responsibility this week. It's so hard to let go. I'm going to get into some unit planning projects for the team and just try not to miss being with my kiddies too much!

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